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Pembroke Pines Students Discover Careers in Transportation Industry


TransportationYOU Event

Walter C. Young Middle School

Pembroke Pines, FL

Dear WTS Members, this is a brief summary of our 1st TransportationYou event.

The day started off by giving the students a brief presentation on Transportation Engineering & Planning as well as an introduction of how the volunteers came into their respective field.

They were then given a chance to complete transportation related activities. We also had activities set up to expose them to transportation related concepts.

  • Dynamic Message Signs – determining the messages to be displayed for different roadway incidents
  • Complete Streets – students were allowed to redesign a roadway to be more pedestrian and bicycle friendly using the Streetmix software
  • Traffic Flow – learning about turning movement counts and how they impact traffic studies
  • Traffic Calming – learning about traffic control devices and planning their placement on a roadway network

Thank you to our awesome volunteers:

  • Erin Gentle, Kimley-Horn & Associates
  • Homa Fartash, Florida International University
  • Samaneh Khazraeian, Florida International University

You guys were rock stars and effortlessly managed to keep the students engaged and excited the entire time. Overall the event was a great success and the students really enjoyed the entire experience.

Special thanks to the Walter C. Young Middle SECME Club and club sponsor Patricia Bernard-Mark!

Ekaete Ekwere

Ekaete Ekwere 
Kimley-Horn & Associates

Transportation YOU Chair
Emelyn Venturini
Kimley-Horn & Associates

Transportation YOU Co-Chair



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