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Opening Our Eyes to Transportation

Written by Paula Villagrana-Ocasio
WTS Houston Chapter Transportation YOU


The Transportation YOU DC Summit, a program of the WTS Foundation, was a three-day, non-stop marathon that completely changed my view on the field of transportation. The fact is that going into this program this past June I had no idea how much transportation affects us, but then you look down at your feet and you realize this is something you can never avoid. Your feet take you from one place to another. Whether you're walking eight miles in the middle of DC one day or you’re riding the subway metro to rest your feet or you take a plane because walking and driving would be silly when it comes to crossing an ocean. This is one of things that hit me the hardest and made me realize the importance of it all.

On the first day of the Summit we heard from a panel of inspiring women that told us of their journeys into the field of transportation. Almost all of them started off with the same premise: none of them imagined ever being where they are at today when they started on their career journey. A couple of these women didn’t imagine that their specific major would lead to an opportunity in the transportation field. This surprised me. How the transportation field gave these women opportunities and plenty of doors to open. These women mastered all they could in their own field of work and in others gaining immense knowledge in the transportation world.

The WTS Transportation YOU DC Summit provides us girls with the realization that we can do anything we want. You can study anything you want and you can create your job out of it. Not to be scared, to take chances and go for what you want. And it’s incredible that WTS Foundation is all about this, and that they have the support of their sponsors, too. When companies like Lea+Elliott and Southwest support us, they support the future. Those of us whose passions were ignited or reminded of why we love the idea of helping out and changing the world of transit owe you our gratitude. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.




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