WTS Greater Chicago - Virtual Event on 6/25 with CCDOTH

CCDOTH Presents: Leveraging Strategic Partnerships to Advance Critical Transportation Projects

WTS is launching an agency-partnered event series where the Professional Development Committee will be checking in with public agencies to hear about a topic they think is important to the transportation industry.  These presentations will give our audience the opportunity to learn how to best support our WTS Public Partners in areas that are of high importance to each agency.

In this presentation, CCDOTH provide dbackground on their Long Range Transportation Plan, policy priorities, and Invest in Cook grant program. They also highlighted some past examples of successful projects made possible through strategic partnerships with other local agencies and provided insight on how to partner with Cook County on future transportation projects.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, June 25, 2020

Please reach out to Dana Wasserman or Mary Lou Kutska at profdevelopment@wtsgreaterchicago.org with any questions. 

John Yonan
Sis Killen








John Yonan, PE                                          Jennifer (Sis) Killen, PE, PTOE   
Superintendent                                          Assistant Superintendent  
CCDOTH                                                     CCDOTH         


Tara Orbon
Katie Bell








Tara Orbon, PE                                           Katie Bell, PE
Bureau Chief of Project Development      Project Studies Manager
CCDOTH                                                     CCDOTH



Our discussion will be lead by our CCDOTH guest speakers (above) and follow the outline below: 

  1. Cook County Long-Range Transportation Plan 
    • Background/Development
    • Policy Priorities
  2. Examples of successful partnered projects
    • Lake Cook Road: Hastings Lane to Raupp Boulevard (Phase III)
    • I-294 Interchange at 88th/Cork Avenue (Phase II)
    • Burnham Multimodal Connector (Phase I)
  3. How to Partner with Cook County
    • Invest in Cook grant program
    • How to prepare for a project meeting with the Superintendent's Office
    • Demonstrate alignment with LRTP goals 
    • Outline a project funding plan
    • Outline the project's anticipated schedule
    • Confirm the level of County staff involvement desired
    • Define a specific ask from Cook County (financial/staff resources)