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ICF Leads the Way with Transportation Industry Research, Policy Development, and Infrastructure Implementation


ICF is a global consulting and technology services provider with more than 5,000 professionals focused on making big things possible for its clients. ICF’s team includes business analysts, policy specialists, technologists, researchers, digital strategists, social scientists, and creatives. Since 1969, government and commercial clients have worked with ICF to overcome their toughest challenges on issues that matter profoundly to their success.

ICF (NASDAQ:ICFI) helps clients in the transportation industry navigate the intersection of global trends and funding challenges to develop solutions that will drive their organizations into the future, helping them achieve their most ambitious goals. As global trends for urbanization increase pressure on transportation infrastructure, urban areas are focusing on global sustainability. In North America, these forces are playing out in the midst of severe funding shortages for transportation infrastructure investment. The result? An increased need for creative solutions to address urban transportation demand.

The transportation community has responded with imaginative approaches to these challenges, and as a supporter of WTS International, ICF is consistently contributing to the dialogue and solutions. Many of its consultants are involved in the transportation industry, supporting public agency and private industry clients. “Given ICF’s focus on the transportation industry and individual ICF staff members’ commitment to WTS, becoming a WTS corporate sponsor made perfect sense. We see WTS as a powerful forum for the transportation community,” says Kristen Klovsky, Vice President at ICF.

You’ll see ICF thought leaders tackling core transportation issues and asking the right questions that lead to creative solutions for the industry’s unique challenges.

ICF has focused its transportation inquiry and research into areas relating to capacity, corridor management, and infrastructure:

·        Capacity: How can more capacity be squeezed from existing transportation infrastructure?
ICF’s role includes environmental documentation of express lanes, managing transportation demand management, and working with policy makers to refine project delivery procedures and performance measures. For ICF Vice President Janet D’Ignazio, this means supporting national transportation policy research efforts such as the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) PlanWorks tool—providing state-of-the-practice guidance for each step of the project delivery process and leading statewide transportation plan development.

·        Corridor Management: How can solutions in transportation corridors balance transportation throughput capacity, modal choice and community redevelopment?
ICF has worked with policy makers to develop complete street guidelines, analyze environmental and community impacts of multi-modal corridor plans, and support transportation providers in managing corridor mobility and redevelopment plans. ICF Senior Manager Shilpa Trisal, who coordinates ICF’s passenger rail and transit environmental review, brings together planners and scientists from across the firm to analyze high-capacity corridor solutions.

·        Infrastructure:  How can new and refurbished transportation infrastructure contribute to environmental sustainability?
ICF’s climate change, resiliency, and adaptation professionals conduct research as well as monitor and develop policy and solutions. These efforts at the international, national, state, and local levels help decision makers understand policy implications and regulations. ICF Senior Vice President Anne Choate leads the industry-leading climate change, resilience, and adaptation practice. Most recently, this has included region-wide adaptation investigations along the U.S. Gulf Coast, addressing resilience concerns of transit operators.

ICF transportation professionals are integral voices in answering these critical questions. They work with local, regional, state, and federal governments and private-sector partners to conduct research and devise solutions that help to:

·        Support policy development, implementation, and monitoring.

·        Document environmental outcomes of proposed infrastructure projects.

·        Monitor the effectiveness of environmental and sustainability solutions to inform ongoing advancements in the transportation industry.

To learn more about ICF’s solutions for the transportation industry, visit them online at



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