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Welcome to WTS at Georgia Tech!

The student chapter of WTS at Georgia Institute of Technology was one of the first unofficial student chapters to form. In 2014, WTS at Georgia Tech became an official chapter of WTS International. We are primarily composed of female graduate students in Civil Engineering, Planning, and other Transportation-related fields, but we welcome all Georgia Tech students, as well as non-students, to join us for our educational and social events, volunteer outings, and other activities.

2016-2017 WTS at Georgia Tech Executive Board


Name: Hanyan (Ann) Li

Hometown: Yingkou, P.R.C

Year/Degree: 4th year PhD student

Research: GIS, Fuel and Emission Modeling

Favorite Transit System: Mass Transit Railway (Hong Kong)

-- A Formula 1 enthusiast eager to contribute to a fast and clean transportation.


Vice President

Name: Xiaodan Xu

Hometown: Nantong, P.R.C

Year/Degree:3rd year PhD student

Research: traffic simulation; emission modeling; travel demand modeling

Favorite Transit System: MARTA rail --So convenient from Airport to Midtown :-)

Transit service in my hometown -- my grandma used to work there

--Got into the Transportation field accidentally, but love it because transportation is part of our life.


Communications Chair

Name: Margaret Kent

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Year/Degree: (Rising) 2nd Year Master’s student, City and Regional Planning

Research: Health impacts of freight movement, transportation finance (Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development)

Favorite Transit System: Despite its problems, MBTA (Boston) -- because I’ve always been car-free in Boston. Also, Harbin Transport (Harbin, China) -- most dependable extremely-cold weather buses I’ve ever ridden!

-- A passionate bike commuter who plans to situate her career at the nexus of transportation, sustainability, and health.



Name: Anagha Krishnan

Hometown: Kerala, India

Year/Degree: (Rising) 2nd Year Master’s student, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research: Bike and Pedestrian Safety and its Applications in the Highway Safety Manual.

Favorite Transit System: Would be the one in Chennai (India) as it is so frequent and you have buses to every place there. Cheap too.

-- Love Traffic Engineering and is looking forward to work on more “complete streets” projects.



Name: Cynthia Bledsoe




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