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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WTS-NAWIC Speed Networking Event

06:00 PM - 08:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

NAWIC Detroit wishes to invite you to their inaugural speed networking event to be held January 22, 2013 at Michigan Department of Transportation's Rosa Parks service center in Detroit, Michigan. WTS members wishing to attend should indicate that they are members so they will be assessed the NAWIC member rate of $25. Those not indicating an affiliation will be assessed the guest rate of $35. RSVP to Mickey Marshall mickeym@nccrs.com 248-799-2883

Attendees should have a short elevator speech planned, along with a minimum of 25 business cards.  Each "date" will run approximately 5 minutes in length.  RSVP by January 19 and indicate what type of company you represent as I will be attempting to efficiently group people such that competing firms are not getting face time with each other.  Please email me your RSVP so that I can send out a suggested list of questions for those who may be in need of a little assistance.


Please note networking does not necessarily mean obtaining contacts purely for your immediate and direct benefit.  Mutually beneficial understandings of the types of clients each other works with can often lead to strong personal and professional networks.  For instance, as a consulting engineer, I don't really work with materials suppliers.  However, we both work for general contractors, and understanding what type of projects the material supplier works on can lead me to recommend that supplier during the up-front phase of a project.  Likewise, the material supplier, having an understanding of what I do, can then recommend my firm for construction testing services related to their products.  I further note that in a book I recently completed (and highly recommend), "Sex and Networking", the slow methodical method most women take in terms of developing working relationships often leads to more profitable professional relationships than do the stereotypical male's approach of attack and conquer.  We tend to recommend people we know, and we want to work with our friends.  Women's relationships are more often built on trust than on money, but trusting relationships are often more profitable in the long term (see "Leading at the Speed of Trust").  After all, how often do we sue or file a lien against our friends?  How often does a delay occur when we're working with those we trust?  I have a handful of owners and CMs that if they tell me,  "please start I need this right away and I'll get you a PO as soon as I can",  I trust them and I do the work.  Conversely, I have clients I won't even print an email out and commit it to a paper folder until I have a PO and retainer in hand.  Get my point? 


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