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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Team Alignment

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM GMT Standard Time

How to resolve conflicts and get your team pulling in the same direction.

WTS London is delighted to welcome Tamsen Garrie who will be talking on the topic of Team Alignment.
Talk Synopsis
Most leaders of organisations and teams would recognise the ineffectiveness that arises when team members are working with different agendas and conflicting goals. Excessive time, energy and money can be wasted seeking to understand and reconcile the different positions (not just by the leader, but by the team members themselves) and often, not knowing how to even approach the issues, results in an attempt to simply ‘push through’ regardless, often leading to failure to achieve a desired outcome and increased disharmony, setting the team up for further conflict and failure.
The topic of Team Alignment may find its way onto the management agenda, but when the leaders themselves fail to agree on, what ‘alignment’ even looks like, achieving it becomes challenging.  The truth is, achieving Team Alignment is not easy. It requires significant effort and consistent focus and attention.  However, the process of achieving it is relatively straight forward and in this talk, Tamsen will explain how applying both the principles and the process of ‘The Team Alignment Method’ can enable even the most conflicted of leaders and teams to start pulling in the same direction.
About Tamsen Garrie
Tamsen Garrie has worked in the field of people, team and business development for over 20 years, both in the corporate and small business sectors. Her experience, working with thousands of businesses, training hundreds of leaders and developing dozens of teams has resulted in a thorough understanding of the many challenges familiar to business leaders. She works with businesses with significant growth aspirations to transform their approach, both strategically and operationally, and to create the vision, the culture and the plan to enable both individual and collective success.
Venue: Jacobs Engineering Group
             226 Tower Bridge Road
             London, SE1 2UP
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This event is strictly limited to WTS London members.  To become a member please click here

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