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Thursday, August 23, 2018

WTS SW Idaho Chapter August 23rd Lunch & Learn

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

What'sup with State Street?

What’s Up With State Street??

The State Street corridor is a regional workhorse moving traffic in and out of Downtown Boise from Middleton, Star, Eagle and Garden City. The corridor has seen significant new development and is constrained by the Boise River, the Boise Front Foothills, an established land use pattern and a lack of competent, parallel routes. Doing nothing is expected to result in a doubling of travel times and a business-as-usual approach will require the road to be expanded to nine lanes. For these reasons a coalition of nine public agencies came together to study and prepare plans for a different approach to this vital roadway. Come and hear a fast-paced discussion of the past, present, and future of State Street from two of the people working to make the plan a reality, Daren Fluke and Stephen Hunt.

Daren Fluke joined the City of Boise as the Comprehensive Planning Manager in the summer of 2013 where he oversees a team of five planners working on transportation and neighborhood planning,  urban design, and land use policy. Notable projects completed during his tenure include the Downtown Boise Public Space/Public Life Study, the Transportation Action Plan, and the Downtown Parks and Public Spaces Plan. He is currently working in partnership with the Capital City Development Corporation on the Front & Myrtle Couplet Alternatives Analysis as well as an interagency team planning for Transit Oriented Developments along the future State Street Bus Rapid Transit corridor.

Stephen Hunt has worked in the transit industry for almost 15 years and is committed to planning transit services that help communities realize their full potential. He has a Master’s Degree in transit planning. During his 9 years at King County Metro Stephen lead the agency’s integration of transit accessibility measures and lead the development of the agency’s long range plan. At Valley Regional Transit, Stephen has worked with local jurisdictions to again identify a long term service network that will support the development goals of the cities while increasing the mobility of the general public.

When: August 23rd, 12:00 to 1:00pm

Where: LHTAC 3330 Grace Street in the Lochsa Room

Members $17

Non Members $22

Registration deadline by 5:00pm on August 21st. Use this link to register.

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