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WTS offers STEM educators a unique opportunity to serve tomorrow’s transportation leaders.

educator_picWTS is dedicated to the professional advancement of women in the transportation industry. To achieve this mission, WTS supports members who are post-secondary educators working to attract more women to the industry and helping them succeed in science, technology, engineering, or math studies. In fact, professional educators can join WTS for a special lower annual membership rate.*  Our programs include:

• Networking with high-level industry experts.
• Online Career Center.
• Professional Development Programs.
• WTS Knowledge Lab.
• Mentorship opportunities.
• 5,000-Member Directory.
• Leadership Training Programs.
• Scholarship Opportunities.

Join us to explore opportunities for career growth while supporting the WTS mission to advance women in the transportation industry. WTS is proud to have you as a member!

* To be considered an Educator and to take advantage of the WTS Educator membership rate, you must be employed as a FULL-TIME teacher/professor at a Junior High School, Senior High School, or an accredited College or University. You must provide a school/college/university email address when joining as an Educator member of WTS International. 


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