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Diversity Drives WSP



To remain competitive in today’s global, technological world, a diverse workforce is essential. WSP’s believes that diversity makes good business sense and is committed to providing women employees with opportunities to lead, contribute and advance in their careers.


WSP USA is the U.S. operating company of WSP, one of the world's leading engineering and professional services firms. The firm has more than 7,000 people in 100 offices across the United States. A leader in transportation since it designed the original New York City subway system in the 1890s, the firm is currently at work on transportation projects from coast to coast, including the extension of BART to Silicon Valley in California; the Regional Connector and Gerald Desmond Bridge in Los Angeles County; extensions to the Sound Transit light rail system in Seattle; and the Kosciuszko Bridge, Bayonne Bridge and Second Avenue Subway in New York City.


The firm’s efforts to recruit and promote women have resulted in more women joining the firm, appointment of more women to leadership roles, and more women holding key positions in industry organizations, including WTS. WSP’s targeted recruiting efforts at colleges and universities for interns and new graduate positions have led to an increase in female hires year over year.


Effective and experienced women leaders can be found across WSP’s business lines. Within the firm’s transportation & infrastructure business many women hold key positions including Julie D’Orazio, the national leader for transit & rail services, and Paula Hammond, National Transportation Market Leader (and vice chair of the WTS International board of directors). Pamela Townsend leads the Southeast region and Barbara Arens manages the Central region; while Maxine Hill runs the New York City transportation business as area manager. Tanya Adams is the vice president of community relations and diversity for the Central region (and the Chicago chapter of WTS’s 2018 Woman of the Year).


In addition, WSP USA’s executive leadership team includes four women: Denise Roth, chief development officer; Anita Macaluso, senior vice president and director of business & administrative operations; Megan Van Pelt, senior vice president and director of human resources; and Jayanti Menches, senior vice president and director of communications.


There are several leadership development programs in place that are designed to nurture the next generation of leaders at WSP. From its Senior Leadership Academy, Global Leadership Forum and LEAD, the firm’s US-based senior leadership development program, women are offered numerous opportunities for professional development.


WSP values its leadership in WTS International. In 2017, WSP sent nine women to attend WTS’s Mid-Career Leadership Program and four women to the WTS Executive Leadership Program. This year, WSP has four female associates committed to the executive program and three to the mid-career program.


WSP believes that better gender balance within its organization will result in increased diversity of thought, varied perspectives and an improved approach to building the business.





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