Chapter Awards

Nominations for the 2023 Chapter Awards of the WTS Greater Chicago Chapter are now closed. WTS members should be on the lookout for instructions on voting in early December. Award winners will be announced in early 2023. Thank you to all who submitted!


Questions can be sent to the Recognitions Committee at awards@wtsgreaterchicago.org.

  • Woman of the Year Award (*Public Sector)

  • Honorable Ray LaHood Award (*Private Sector)

  • Member of the Year Award

  • Rosa Parks Diversity Award

  • Employer of the Year Award

  • Innovative Transportation Solutions Award

*In an effort to facilitate a more inclusive recognition of industry leaders and ensure that the contributions of both public and private sector individuals are recognized, we are strongly encouraging Public Sector nominations for the 2023 Woman of the Year award and Private Sector nominations for 2023 Honorable Ray LaHood award. In 2024, we plan to solicit Private Sector nominations for Woman of the Year and Public Sector nominations for the Honorable Ray LaHood award.

2022 Woman of the Year Award
CHI-headshot - Gia Biagi

Gia Biagi

Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation





2022 Member of the Year Award
CHI-headshot - Bridget Malinowski

Bridget Malinowski

Engineer and Program Manager





2022 Employer of the Year

Program Management and Control Services, LLC

CHI-logo - PMCS

2022 Honorable Ray LaHood Award
CHI-headshot - Jose Rios

Jose Rios

Region One Engineer, Illinois Department of Transportation





2022 Rosa Parks Diversity Award
CHI-headshot - Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth

Illinois Senator





2022 Innovative Transportation Solutions Award

"Improving Equity in Transportation Fees, Fines and Fares"

CHI-logo - CMAP