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A company proud of its people, its work and its diversity


CH2M’s employees are excited by tough challenges — the tougher they are, the more energized they get. They love to take on their clients’ most complex transportation infrastructure problems, turning them upside down and inside out, solving them in ways nobody has thought of before. CH2M’s partners and clients include governments, cities, and businesses in more than 50 countries. To meet their mobility goals, CH2M taps deeply integrated capabilities across the organization — in aviation, bridges, highways, ports, transit and tunnels. And the company draws on the exceptional skills and creativity of 24,000 CH2Mers worldwide with an outstanding track record of expertly executing projects both big and small.

CH2M’s professionals love what they do, but they care just as much about how they work. Deep respect for each other, their clients and the communities they serve guide them at every step. At CH2M, its employees aim to meet each day with integrity, an adventurous spirit and dedication to the well-being of people in their lives and work – and that starts with an industry-leading commitment to advancing diversity, inclusion and the multicultural interests of its employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders around the world.

For CH2Mers, diversity is both an essential principle and a key business advantage. They know that if they are inclusive, they’re more connected, and if they are diverse, they’re more creative. CH2M is an industry leader in promoting diversity because it makes for a stronger company where brilliant people of all backgrounds feel at home. This community of different perspectives and talents greatly enhances the company’s ability to provide clients with more imaginative and effective solutions.

CH2Mers practice what they preach. They’ve continually strengthened the diversity of their leadership. Starting from the top, CEO Jacque Hinman, is just one of a number of talented, successful women making a difference around the world and dedicating their time and talent serving as role models and mentors to the generation of female engineers who will follow them.

Behind Jacque is a diverse range of people within CH2M’s ranks who are proud to work for a company that helps empower women in this industry. CH2M has worked to champion women in engineering through STEM programs in schools and internships and supporting a Global Women’s Network—sharing information, ideas and resources to actively promote and support women.

While CH2Mers naturally take pride in what they build and the projects they complete, they are always humbled when others recognize excellence in the way they work. From being named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies eight years in a row to being WTS International’s Employer of the Year, CH2M is proud of how it brings diversity and inclusion to life in its company and communities.

CH2M is always looking for like-minded people to join them in creating new pathways for human progress, breathing fresh life, energy and enterprise into every community it touches.

Explore the reasons CH2M is the place to be: ch2m.com/careers.



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