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Chapter Recognition Awards

WTS Pittsburgh honors those who support WTS and the advancement of women, through major impacts to the local transportation industry and the chapter, as well as notable projects that have advanced the region.  The awards are presented to the winners at our Annual Recognition Awards Luncheon.

To view the Nominee forms and qualifications Click here!

Winners have been selected for 2019.  Thank you for all who submitted nominations.  We accomplished our goal this year of having a nominee for every category.

Please join us at our Recognition Awards Luncheon on February 27th, 11:30 to 1:30 with featured speaker, Mary Ann Bucci, Executive Director for the Port of Pittsburgh Commission.  This event is being held at Cefalo’s Banquet and Events Center in Carnegie, PA. Register Here!By February 22nd

WTS Pittsburgh PA winners’ nominations will also be submitted to WTS International for consideration in the international’s awards process.  WTS International’s award winners will be recognized at the WTS International Conference in Boston MA, in May 2019.

2019 Pittsburgh Chapter Award Winners

WTS Pittsburgh Employer of the Year Award

Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Gannett Fleming has been a leader in global infrastructure solutions for over 100 years.  Across their offices, more than 2,400 professionals are united in an unyielding commitment to deliver excellence.  Their culvert encourages discovery, innovation, and a common vision of quality.

Connected Women at Gannett Fleming™ began in 2017 with the mission to create a culture that empowers, supports, and mentors women to achieve career and personal success at Gannett Fleming.

Now a little more than one year old, Connected Women is affecting change in the recruitment and retention of female employees. In just one year, the number of females at Gannett Fleming increased by three percent, and voluntary turnover reduced by four percent, and by 14 percent from just three years ago.

Connected Ambassadors in Gannett Fleming’s offices, along with the women in their office, support female students in STEM. The Phoenix office, for example, focuses its efforts on introducing local female students to the engineering field. Judy Hricak, one of the Connected Women founders, spoke at WTS events in Florida and Pennsylvania; the firm also assisted the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission in organizing its own women’s ERG.

In 2018, the group launched Connected Allies, an avenue for all employees to become more involved and help make Gannett Fleming a best-in-class firm for allyship.

At Gannett Fleming, firm-wide diversity and inclusion (D&I) is at the heart of our corporate principles. Gannett Fleming understands that D&I in our workforce—and decision making—makes us stronger, smarter, and more creative.

It is with great pleasure that WTS Pittsburgh honors Gannett Fleming, Inc. with its Employer of the Year Award.

WTS Pittsburgh Honorable Ray LaHood Award

Eric Veydt, P.E., Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Eric Veydt is a leader both within the Pittsburgh office and nationally for Gannett Fleming. In addition to performing his corporate duties, he has always maintained an open-door policy where any of the staff within the office, or the practice, always know that he is available and approachable.

In addition to his vast experience with 35 years in the transportation field, and association with large-scale projects, Eric remains a staunch advocate for women in transportation, with a keen eye towards developing his staff and building the company for the future. 

Eric has promoted an atmosphere within the Pittsburgh office which encourages all young women to gain a wide range of experience within the industry, including field work. Eric makes sure that opportunities for assignments and salaries are equal to all male and female staff within his purview. 

Eric has actively encouraged office participation within WTS, ASCE-YMF, ASCE, ASHE, and ACE Mentorship Programs. He has been an advocate for Gannett Fleming’s startup program “Connected Women” which seeks to help women find mentoring opportunities and promotes the visibility of women within the company.

It is with great pleasure that WTS Pittsburgh honors Eric Veydt, P.E. with its Honorable Ray LaHood Award.

WTS Pittsburgh Innovative Transportation Solutions Award

I-79 Bridge Replacement Project in PennDOT District 10-0 with P.M. Jane-Ann Patton, P.E., Lochner

This project consists of the replacement of dual bridges carrying SR 0079-260 NB & SB over North Boundary Road in Cranberry Township, Butler County.  Two lanes of traffic on I-79 will be maintained in both directions via crossovers and a temporary bridge.

The existing structures consist of 3-span concrete slab bridges supported by stub abutments. Dual single span steel beam bridges with full-height abutments are proposed.  The roadway work on SR 79 includes, milling & resurfacing, full depth roadway construction, guide rail updates, new signing and pavement markings. The roadway work on T-311 (North Boundary Road) includes milling and resurfacing, sidewalk reconstruction and pavement markings, all within the project limits.

Due to the poor condition of the existing structures, the schedule of this project was highly accelerated to prevent further deterioration and a potential posting.   The scoping field view took place on December 5, 2017 and alternative analysis was scheduled to take most of 2018.  The extent of the deterioration was determined in March of 2018 and the schedule was accelerated at that time.  Preliminary engineering and final design were completed under extremely condensed schedules and the project was advertised on December 13, 2018 – just one year and 8 days after scoping.

Jane-Ann Patton deserves to win this award because of her strong communication and leadership throughout the project.  With a schedule as compressed as this one, site information, client direction, and project development had to be actively managed at all times to make sure decisions were made and the correct information was relayed to the necessary people in a timely manner.  Jane-Ann had to maintain near constant communication with the PennDOT PM Jason Layman.  With the support of her team, Jane-Ann’s efforts resulted in the successful completion of the project therefore preventing a potential posting along I-79.

It is with great pleasure that WTS Pittsburgh Chapter honors Jane-Ann Patton, P.E. with its Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.

WTS Pittsburgh Member of the Year

Barbara Sloan, P.E.

Barb has been a major contributor to the rapid success of the Pittsburgh Chapter from the very beginning.  Serving as the Chapter’s Vice President for the past three years, she has represented our chapter at many various events with the highest level of professionalism, while making sure she is always putting the WTS mission in the forefront.

In addition to serving as the Vice President of the Pittsburgh Chapter for the past three years, Barb has served as the first Chair of the Scholarship Committee. Because of Barb’s passion for the WTS mission, and her strong leadership and communication skills, the WTS Pittsburgh Chapter’s scholarship program has grown immensely in the past three years. In March 2019, the WTS Pittsburgh Chapter will hold its third annual Scholarship Gala, which has become the most well-attended and popular event of the year. The Scholarship Gala has been extremely successful in its purpose of fundraising for the following year’s scholarships. At the first Scholarship Gala, the WTS Pittsburgh Chapter was able to offer one $1,000 scholarship. The chapter is now able to offer two $2,500 scholarships, one at the undergraduate level and one at the graduate level.

It is with great pleasure that WTS Pittsburgh Chapter honors Barbara Sloan, P.E. with its Member of the Year Award.

WTS Pittsburgh Rosa Parks Diversity Award


WSP has leadership development programs designed to nurture the next generation of leaders. The Senior Leadership Academy brings together leaders from across the globe for a six-month intensive program. In 2018, five female associates participated in the program. Our global Leadership Forum included 57 female participants. Women leaders are paired with coaches who assist in creating personal development plans. LEAD, our US-based senior leader development program, launched in March 2018 included 11 female participants.

Currently, WSP’s Paula Hammond serves as vice chair of the WTS International Board. WSP’s vice president of community relations and diversity, Tanya Adams, was named 2018 Woman of the Year by the Chicago chapter.

Mentor – Protégé Programs: At WSP, our commitment is more than support DBE goals on contracts and accessible and available to small businesses for mentorship opportunities.  As part of our Small Business Program, WSP gives thoughtful consideration to requests to enter into the SBA's Mentor-Protégé Program with qualifying 8(a) protégé companies at the state and local levels.


Our Pittsburgh commitment to exceeding DBE compliance goals and serving as a mentor firm to small businesses in the region is supported by WSP’s involvement with organizations such as Southwestern Pennsylvania Engineering Outreach (SPEO). WSP staff members are active committee members of this organization which provides opportunities, guidance and mentoring to existing and new minority-and women-owned engineering firms in the area, enabling them to be viable, competitive, self-sustaining members of the business community.  In collaboration with SPEO, WSP also held a DBE networking and mentor session in our Pittsburgh office open to all DBE member firms.  Nationally, WSP established a robust Small Business Program to promote subconsultant and supplier diversity.  Details on this program and a letter from our President & CEO Greg Kelly discussing the firm’s commitment to our program can be found here: (http://plus.wsp-pb.com/supplier_diversity).


It is with great pleasure that WTS Pittsburgh Chapter honors WSP with its Rosa Parks Diversity Award.

WTS Pittsburgh Woman of the Year Award

Cheryl Moon-Sirianni, P.E., District Executive, PennDOT District 11-0

With tenacity and grace, Cheryl completed her first full year as the PennDOT District 11 District Executive in 2018.  The year was a challenging one for the transportation industry in Pittsburgh and for Cheryl in particular, dealing with flooding, landslides, funding constraints, and an ever-aging infrastructure.  These were challenges in addition to the normal PennDOT and transportation project trials and tribulations!  During her 31 year tenure at PennDOT, she has served various roles with increasing responsibility until reaching the appointment of District Executive in late 2017. 

Cheryl is not a leader to sit back and let others do the heavy work.  She is very involved in her District and in their work – from advising on projects to working with aid workers who are helping victims displaced by landslides to openly discussing the many challenges facing people working in the transportation industry, specifically women.  Cheryl has been up front and honest to address diversity and inclusion issues, generational issues, and public/private sector issues at the Department and in the industry.

In an effort to put words into action, Cheryl, with a core planning committee, developed the concept and format of the extremely popular Women’s Forum here in Pittsburgh. This biannual event celebrates women in the local transportation industry and gives women a space to share stories of success, obstacles, challenges, concerns, and support.  Cheryl also serves as the moderator for the panel of women from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints to ensure diverse subjects are covered.

Cheryl has been a leader who has been a major contributor to the transportation industry in our area for years, and she does so as a woman who isn’t afraid to share her beliefs and promote other women around her.

It is with great pleasure that WTS Pittsburgh Chapter honors Cheryl Moon-Sirianni, P.E. with its Woman of the Year Award.

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