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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WTS Nevada November Luncheon

11:45 AM - 01:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

November Luncheon Southern Nevada RTC, Room 108 Speaker TBD Election information

Hello WTS Members and others who should be!

We have started the journey of our new WTS Nevada Chapter, and we have had several great meetings bringing people together. These meetings have provided us the opportunity to hear from you and learn how to make sure the power and passion of this group is realized.

Some observations...

  • We need time to network. Visiting with and getting to know other amazing women in our state, and building relationships to help one another advance and grow in our life's journey are several of the perks of this chapter and the WTS organization. Therefore, future meetings will allow opportunity for getting to meet and talk with each other.
  • We want to learn. Bringing in speakers is important. We plan to have a variety of topics - both technical and personal. If there are areas YOU want to hear about - speak up!! Our speakers will share their skills and knowledge, and still leave time for networking.
  • We need to do some business. As we grow and hopefully start collecting sponsorships and scholarship contributions to meet our goals and focus, in the spirit of being accountable, you will know where we stand on any business and finances. Our committee chairs will have the opportunity to let all know what they are working on.
  • We are experiencing growing pains. We've tried a few different things in the lunch meetings and mixer held to date; some better received than others. Give us feedback, join a committee, and advance the committee you've already joined. Help us grow to be the premier local organization everyone wants to be involved with that provides strong benefits back to its members.

I am grateful to and thank Raquel Shohet for her efforts in identifying and setting up locations for our last few lunches. They were great and gave us an opportunity to check logistics and costs. The leadership team has decided that the RTC location where we had our first meeting is the easiest and most cost effective location for our group as we establish this new chapter.

Our next meeting is scheduled for NOVEMBER 30, 2016

Time:11:45a - 1:00p

Where:Southern Nevada RTC - Room 108

Speaker:To be announced!! And we are holding elections for 2017 officers - more on that to come. We are also trying something new to encourage membership growth at this upcoming meeting; Raffle tickets for a drawing for an Amazon gift card to those that bring non-members. More non-members attending, more raffle tickets. So bring a friend!! (yes - they have to pay the non-member price ©)

Lunch costs will continue to be:

Member - $25 Non-Member - $35 Student - $15

The lunch costs will more then cover lunch and the additional funds will be used toward the goals of our chapter: mentorship, scholarships, and education.

Please stay with us as we grow this new chapter!! I'm excited at what we have accomplished within this short time and with your busy schedules. There have been tremendous efforts by many and all of you have shown willingness to continue to help. Thank you all so much for your engagement and enthusiasm.

Stay tuned for more details and we look forward to seeing you on November 30!! 


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