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2018 $10,000 Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship: Hannah Rae King

2018 $10,000 Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship: Hannah Rae King

A first-year PhD student at UCLA, Hannah Rae King believes strongly in transportation’s transformative role in society. Upon receiving her doctorate, she wants to return to academia to both teach and conduct meaningful research into how better transportation can serve society. “My goal as a researcher is to provide work that is useful to transportation professionals and community organizers as they work to design and implement transportation systems that serve the needs of all community members. I am currently undertaking research related to the gentrification and displacement of low-income and minority communities that is associated with the introduction of rail transit in the Los Angeles area. 

“This work builds off of work I completed as part of a large research study aimed at understanding the recent decline of transit ridership in the Los Angeles region. As transit in southern California has traditionally provided mobility to populations who are unable to afford a vehicle or who are not able to drive (e.g., children and the disabled), better understanding why transit ridership is falling is essential to ensuring that vulnerable populations retain access to affordable transportation services.” She’s also conducting research related to the social equity impacts of SB1, the massive transportation funding ballot measure enacted by California voters in 2016. 
A stellar student, Ms. King currently carries a 4.0 GPA in her program and expects to earn her PhD in 2021. She also holds two master’s degrees (Urban and Regional Planning and Geographical Information Systems) and a bachelor’s degree (Applied Economics and English Literature) from Florida State University. Ms. King’s PhD advisor, the renowned UCLA Distinguished Professor Emeritus Martin Wachs, feels that though only in her first year of the program she is already a standout. 
“Hannah has excellent technical skills—particularly those relating to the management and analysis of large data sets—and she possesses a delightful personality. She has carried out her assignments with care and has made many suggestions that have improved my own understanding of the problems we have addressed together…She set high standards for our work and readily accepted the responsibility for overcoming shortcomings in our early analyses. Hannah has emerged as a leader among her fellow students, taking on responsibility for editing a student-managed journal and volunteering to be a student representative to departmental committees.” For all of these reasons, and particularly because of Ms. King’s intractable belief in using her work to benefit the community, she is most deserving of the 2018 $10,000 Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship.
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