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WTS-DC Wins WTS International Chapter Innovations Award, Earns Gold Status


WTS-DC is proud to announce the chapter was the recipient of the Chapter Innovations Award at the 2017 WTS International (WTS-I) Conference held in New York City, May 15-17. WTS-DC vice president, Adrienne Ameel, was present to receive the award. WTS-DC strives to be on the forefront of innovation, and earned this award for the Executive Board's efforts to reorganize the chapter's volunteer base.

From 2012 to 2016, the WTS-DC Board grew from 18 volunteers serving on nine committees to a high of 53 volunteers serving on 16 committees and an Advisory Board (whose role, in part, is to help guide the newer Board members). While this was a “good problem” to have, the large number of volunteers participating under the Board structure was not efficient. Therefore, WTS-DC undertook a thought-out and strategic Board reorganization, consolidating 16 committees to 12 and instituting a committee chair and deputy chair system to ensure succession planning, with each committee supported by as many volunteers as needed. The emphasis on succession planning in the Board reorganization is particularly notable since Washington, D.C. is a very transient city due to its constantly changing political landscape and the employees who come and go with these fluctuations. WTS-DC experiences a phenomenon unlike most other chapters, where many Board members relocate away from the area every year. 

This new system enacted in January allows the chairs of each committee to oversee their own volunteers, rather than everyone reporting to the Executive Board, and gives an opportunity for leadership and management experience to a greater number of people. The proposal was approved unanimously by the Board in December 2016. 

In addition, WTS-DC earned Gold Status as part of WTS-I's Circle of Excellence Program. Gold Status is the highest possible recognition in the program, which allocates points throughout the year to chapters for completing chapter and membership activities. Membership retention, new member growth, attending conferences, holding regular Board meetings, maintaining a local chapter website and distributing regular newsletters are among the activities recognized by the award.



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