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Corporate Member Highlight: Foursquare ITP

One of the goals of the Corporate Relations & Program Sponsorship Committee for WTS-DC is to strengthen relationships with our corporate members and longtime supporters of WTS. In appreciation of the continued support, WTS-DC will feature a corporate member in each of its upcoming newsletters. This inaugural edition features Foursquare ITP. We hope everyone enjoys learning more about Foursquare ITP and looks forward to our next corporate member highlight. Please see their website for additional information.


When was your business established?


What is your business’ motto/charge?

We are a multi-modal transportation planning firm focused on providing innovative transportation solutions that are practical, focused, and implementable.

What services do you offer?

We are a planning firm that provides planning and implementation support services in a variety of areas: Transit Service Planning; Transit Operations Planning; Transit Facilities and Multimodal Access; Regional and Statewide Planning; Corridor Planning; TDM, Shared Mobility, and Parking; Bike Share and Bike/Ped Planning; and Strategic and Financial Management

Who are your primary customers/clients?

Transit agencies, local jurisdictions, state agencies, and A&E companies as our primes on many contracts.

What is the size of your company? How many offices and employees do you have?

We are always growing, but as of July 2019, 42 people. Most of our staff are at our HQ in Rockville, MD, but we also have two small offices in Boston and Philadelphia.

What makes your business unique from others in the industry?

From a client’s perspective, we are very dynamic and can easily adapt to change due to our smaller size. In addition to adapting to external change, we bring a lot of deep expertise in our service areas and we are always innovating on our own processes to produce better results for our clients and also create tools that they can continue to use beyond the life of the project. From our employees’ perspective, they see Foursquare ITP as unique because we provide a lot of opportunity to be creative and innovative in our project work – an idea from anyone, no matter their level, can turn into something big. We also provide a very flexible workplace and a wide variety of project types to work on. We diligently work to make sure that everyone has the right amount of work and doesn’t get pigeonholed in a particular type of project unless that is their preference.

Briefly describe a recent project you’d like to highlight.

It’s hard to pick one project to highlight, so we’ll pick a few, all generally in our region (Foursquare ITP is currently working in 17 states!). One that we’ve been working on for about five years is the planning, implementation, and now monitoring and improvements of BaltimoreLink, a bus system redesign in Baltimore. Another project that is ongoing and really interesting is the DC Area Bus Transformation Project, which is looking at various ways to improve bus service (Metrobus and all local service) in the DC region – bus ridership is down and the mobility landscape has changed, and we are trying to help the system keep up with customer needs. Finally, while we’ve been doing planning for Transportation Demand Management (TDM) for a long time, over the last two years we have had the privilege of running goDCgo, DDOT’s TDM program. On that project we focus on making sure that everyone – commuters, residents, and visitors – is fully aware of all their transportation options and can make the most of all the choices out there in our region.

Why are you a corporate member or how is your company involved with WTS?

WTS’ mission is one that we really believe in. Our company is woman-owned and about 50% female, so naturally we strongly support the advancement of women in transportation. We are regular donors to the WTS scholarship fund as well. Over the years several of our team members have served in WTS leadership positions. At the moment we have Alanna McKeeman, one of our Senior Transportation Planners and Project Managers, serving on the Program Logistics Committee for the WTS-DC Chapter. Our CEO, Lora Byala, helps organize and facilitate the Women’s Business Owners’ roundtable at WTS International.



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