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Transportation YOU

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Committee Chairs

Join a Committee! For more information, please contact:

Mentor-Protege Program Committee:

(Chair) Jimeia Roberts |CTS | JRoberts@ctseinc.com
(Vice Chair) Catalina Echeverri | Gannett Fleming, Inc. | cecheverri@gfnet.com

TransportationYOU Committee:
(Chair) Vacant
(Vice Chair) Constanza Suarez | Kittelson & Associates , csuarez@kittelson.com
(Vice Chair) Catalina Echeverri | Gannett Fleming, cecheverri@gfnet.com
Events/Programs Committee:
(Chair) Carina Harvey | Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. | CHarvey@cgasolutions.com
(Vice Chair) Nishat Zaman | McMahon Associates, Inc. | nzaman@mcmahonassociates.com
Communications Committee:
(Chair) Julie Ruffolo | ADEPT Strategy & Public Relations |  julie@adept.co
(Vice Chair) Jana K. Ash |  ESciences | jash@esciencesinc.com
Scholarship Committee:
(Chair) Mary Conway | HNTB Corporation | mconway@hntb.com

(Vice Chair) Somaye FakharianFlorida International University | sfakh002@fiu.edu

Membership Committee:
(Chair) Alexandra Lopez | Gannett Fleming, Inc. | axlopez@gfnet.com
(Vice Chair) Marcela Lopez | | mlope449@gmail.com
Sponsorship Committee:
(Chair) Elizabeth Diller | ICF | Elizabeth.Diller@icf.com
(Vice Chair) Carina Harvey | Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. | CHarvey@cgasolutions.com
(Vice Chair) Robyn Chiarelli | Sun Trolley | rchiarelli@suntrolley.com
University Liaison Committee Chair:
(Chair) Erin Emmons | Kimley-Horn | Erin.Emmons@kimley-horn.com

(Vice Chair) Somaye Fakharian | Florida International University | sfakh002@fiu.edu

Please contact Diana Alarcon if interested in a Committee position or general involvement.




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