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Innovative Transportation Solutions Awards

Innovative Transportation Solutions Awards (ITSA)


The following is a brief description of the 2014 Innovative Transportation Solutions Awards nomination categories.


Transportation Plans (Plans/Programs/Policies)

This category includes those nominees that address transportation issues using innovative programs or plans instead of infrastructure. Examples of innovative plans/programs could include strategic planning documents, interregional plans, Transportation Demand Management programs, public outreach programs, or media campaigns. This award will be given to a large-scale project and a small-scale project.

Transit & Roadway Projects (Transit/Streets/Highways)

Nominees in this category include innovative projects that impact the transportation system throughout the region. Transit projects, roadway beautification, infrastructure improvements, complete streets, and road diets are examples of projects in this category. This award will be given to a large-scale project and a small-scale project.

Alternative Modes & Active Transportation

This category includes innovative projects aimed specifically at improving transportation through the use of alternative modes such as ridesharing, bicycling, walking, and other types of active transportation.

Technology for Transportation

Nominees in this category include innovative construction and transportation technology that enhances and improves the regional transportation system. Examples could include Automated Vehicle Location Systems, Smart Card technology, wireless communications, green technology, and other ITS technologies.


  1. The nominee is an outstanding project within the San Diego region and specifically how the transportation element of the project has contributed to the success of the initiative.
  2. Project supports one or more key community values, such as improved accessibility to key services, employment, or other opportunities.
  3. Project utilized creative/innovative solutions to overcome obstacles to build this project or provide the service.
  4. Weighting guidelines:
    • Level of innovation (50%)
    • Contribution to the community and/or the region (25%)
    • Sensitivity to the environment and community/regional planning goals (25%)



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