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Message from the President


The new year is a time to reflect on our past accomplishments and focus on what we want to achieve in the coming months. It’s a time for embracing change and jumping into the new year with gusto! That’s especially true for WTS San Diego County Chapter this year. In 2018, our Chapter accomplished great things such as celebrating our 25th Anniversary, hosting the WTS International Annual Conference, and raising over $17,000 in scholarship funds for an amazing group of future transportation professionals.

We are keeping that momentum going in 2019 with a new Board of Directors. Congratulations to our new and returning board! After two years as Vice President, I’m honored to be taking the helm as President of our San Diego County Chapter. I want to thank and congratulate outgoing President, Mary Holland, the entire 2018 board, and all our supporters as we continue to work towards equity and access for women in the transportation industry.


Change is inevitable. We’ve got to embrace change to make progress. Millennials are replacing baby boomers as the largest group in the workplace, bringing a new set of values and cultural considerations to work. Technology is fueling a transformation of the way we work. The #MeToo movement and increasingly visible discrimination cases have given companies a renewed imperative to make workplaces work for women. We have a tremendous opportunity to move our mission forward in this moment.

I am focused on accelerating our commitment to the future of our workforce through our SDSU Student Chapter, TransportationYOU, and Scholarship committees. I am also committed to maintaining connection with our history by reinvigorating our Advisory Board and boosting engagement with our past Executive Board members. We will honor the women and men on whose shoulders we stand, we will continue to build on their foundation, and we will find new creative ways to advance women in transportation.

We are kicking off the year with a few incredible programs including our January program, Looking Forward: The Local Transportation Landscape in 2019 which will feature our regions key transportation leaders. Find out more here.

In February, we are looking forward to an update and Q&A session from San Diego County Regional Airport Authority President and CEO, Kim Becker. Stay tuned for more impressive programing in the months to come. You won’t want to miss out!

Speaking of… if you’re not already a member, there’s no time like the present to start something new. WTS is here as a resource for YOU! We offer professional development, networking, industry news, mentorship, scholarships, opportunities to give back to the community, and more. Sign up to be a member and to receive our monthly emails.

The challenges we face as we lean into the future can’t be solved by one person or one organization alone. WTS San Diego will be leaning on our diverse sponsors and partners, our board of directors, volunteers, and our broader community—to fuel our mission in this moment. Corporate Sponsorships for the 2019 calendar year are available!  Get on board with us to help turn this current momentum into a legacy for our future.

I hope you continue to find value in the programs and services the WTS San Diego County Chapter provides. We are always looking for volunteers, so get involved and make us better.  Challenge us, seek out members of the Executive Committee and Committee Chairs to share your thoughts and ideas.  We need your support and your input. If you’d like to get more involved, please email our volunteer liaison Allison Woodworth at

I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2019! Thank you for all your support!


Brianna Pilkinton

President, WTS San Diego County


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