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Professional Development Workshops

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Fall 2018 Professional Development Series

On Wednesday, November 14th, WTS Sacramento welcomed Alma Grimshaw and Teresa Dolmseth from Kovar's Satori Academy of Martial Arts for a workshop on Practical Self Defense

Alma and Teresa shared their wisdom and experiences with the attendees. After reviewing some practical mind-sets to stay safe, they taught the group a few easy to remember escapes and self-defense techniques (with the help of their assistant Frank). Everyone had the chance to hit and kick bags and even escape from wrist grabs. 

While knowing how to defend ones' self is a great thing, it is also very important to practice personal safety to avoid physical confrontation. Not being distracted by the cell phone when walking, for example, or staying alert when walking to your car and locking the doors once inside, are easy steps to take for increased safety. 

Kovar's 5 Rules of Personal Safety include:

  1. Create Safe Habits

  2. Be Aware... But Not on Guard

  3. Trust Your Intuition

  4. Take Immediate Action

  5. Learn From Your Experiences and the Experiences of Others

Thank you Alma, Teresa and Frank for a fun and engaging self-defense workshop!


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