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Transportation YOU in Portland


In 2011 WTS Portland developed its inaugural Transportation You! program. In 2010 WTS International signed a Memo of Understanding with USDOT to assist in identifying and mentoring the next generation of transportation professionals.

The Portland chapter spent 2011 developing our Transportation You! initiative launched in 2012— a 10-week after school program with girls from Beach Middle School. The girls explored the different aspect of transportation including hands-on workshops, tours and presentations from WTS volunteers from different disciplines. The Transportation YOU committee established objectives of the program, identified potential partners (ultimately selecting Girls Inc of NW Oregon), and prepared a timeline for getting the program off the ground.

The objectives that the committee established for the program are:

  • Depicting the diversity of transportation career opportunities open to girls (this conveys the diversity of the vocation).
  • Conveying that transportation is an exciting and creative field (this conveys the diversity of the lifestyle within the vocation).
  • Showing that transportation is in fact about building the future.
  • Providing a career road map – how you get from here to there.
  • Adding diversity to Portland’s pool of transportation professionals.

Please contact Joanna Valencia at joanna.valencia@multco.us for more information on the program.


Call for volunteers for 2016 Transportation YOU  Program

Are you looking for a meaningful way to give back to our community? WTS Portland is beginning to organize our 2016 Transportation YOU Program and there are several volunteer opportunities available! Like last year, WTS Portland will work with Girls Inc. to bring a 10-week after school program on transportation to a local Portland school. This is an opportunity to have some fun and bring your creative skills to the table!

Volunteer opportunities include:

- Leading a single 90-minute transportation "class" or field trip to a group of students at a local Portland school. This may be done in conjunction with other speakers / teachers or by yourself, depending on what the curriculum requires.

- Or if class room time isn't your thing, we need a couple of creative volunteers to work as "curriculum mentors" helping speakers develop presentations appropriate for the students. 

- Finally, if you have approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours of time to volunteer each week and you really want to experience the classroom environment, we need at least one "classroom facilitator" that will participate in the after school classroom program each week, providing continuity with the student group and assisting the different speakers each week as needed. Specific tasks may include collecting permission slips, taking photos, keeping students focused, and helping the students with Transportation YOU projects as necessary. 

A training session for these positions will be provided by the Portland Chapters of WTS and Girls Inc. and will be held in December. The 2016 session is being planned for George Middle School in the St. John's area and will be held on Thursdays from 4-6pm between January 14th to March 16, 2016. WTS members that volunteered for our Transportation YOU program last year enjoyed their return to the classroom and found it to be both rewarding and fun!  If you would like to volunteer, or have questions about the volunteer positions, or would be interested in talking with past volunteers to get their input on the experience, please contact Joanna Valencia at joanna.valencia@multco.us. This is your chance to really make a difference in our community, both now and for the future! 


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