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The Learn From a Leader Finale


As another successful season of our Learn From A Leader (LFAL) series comes to a close, we look back on all of the talented presenters and their wisdom and advice. This summer, we covered unique topics ranging from Professional Dress & Etiquette by Samantha Safara of HDR to Politics of Business Development presented by Eileen Della Volle of KS Engineering. There were sessions on Becoming the Face of Diversity led by Orla Pease of Urban Engineers; Managing Life's Changes by Lori Cole of HNTB; and Planning Ahead by Christine Derenick-Lopez of the City of Philadelphia, as well as Being Bold by Devonne Jackson of Burns; Pathway to the Presidency by Karen Jehanian of KMJ Consulting; and The Power of Positive Thinking by Jennifer Duval of Jacobs. The series ended with a presentation on the Responsibility of Authority presented by Natalie Cornell of LTK.

While participants learned valuable lessons on when and where to be bold, adversity in the workplace, and tips for getting started in the political world, they were also left reflecting on new perspectives on their career and a reading list relevant for those aspiring to be in management or starting a business. LFAL is intended to allow participants a more intimate interaction with some of the leading women in the transportation industry. All of our amazing presenters seemed to have a similar impression on leadership in the transportation industry. The path is tough and you have to committed to what you want to do, not to mention, dress to impress! The majority of the speakers focused on knowing your goals, not only for your career, but even for daily interactions.

Thank you to all of our speakers and host companies for participating. Additionally, thank you to all that attended - we had a record number of sold-out events and hope that you will join us again next year!



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