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November President's Message


Last week I was working out of our Philly office.  Usually, my husband and I commute together on these days.  I send him invitations via Outlook to "carpool with wifey" - isn't that so cute?  He usually accepts.  We usually take my Ford Flex, since it's special, and I usually drive, since I am a control freak.  He usually sleeps (or pretends to), while I invent colorful phrases and practice my creative sign language skills.  Good couple bonding time.

Well, I thought since it was nearly 7 pm that we would have smooth sailing post-rush hour.  No such luck.  Total gridlock.

So I asked a few transportation experts for their opinions on the matter:

  • "Could have been work on the roadway."
  • "Adverse weather conditions?"
  • "Accident."
  • "People don't know how to drive!"
  • "Signal timing needs to be synchronized."
  • "Fate."
  • "We need more money to rebuild aging infrastructure!"
  • "You should never have moved to Jersey."

Turns out it was an accident.  ITS DMS alerted me as I snaked my way over to the exist ramp on Route 130.

Someone was having bigger problems than gridlock.

I said a Hail Mary for the drivers and passengers.

And then, I focused on driving - safely - the rest of the way home.

Be careful out there, my friends.  Keep a level head.  There's no rush.  Mind your manners and mind your lane.

And always do the way when someone lets you merge.

Life is a journey, not a destination - and we all want to arrive alive.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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