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WTS Philadelphia Chapter Awards

WTS Philadelphia is seeking nominations for the 2016 Awards.  We encourage all members to consider a full range of potential nominees for the categories summarized below.  Submitting a nomination is a great way to recognize industry professionals and honor those who support our organization and its goals.

Nominations must be received by Thursday, October 6 at 5:00 PM EST.

For 2016, there are seven (7) awards.  The following summarizes each of the award categories.  Please refer to the forms for the specific criteria that must be addressed in your nomination.

Philadelphia Award: Honors an individual, group, or organization for extraordinary efforts to promote the transportation industry and people within the Philadelphia area.

Woman of the Year: Honors a woman who is an outstanding role model and has contributed to the advancement of women and minorities in transportation.

Member of the Year: Recognizes a WTS member who has made extraordinary contributions to the success of the organization.

Diversity Award: Honors an individual(s) or organization(s) that has made significant contributions in promoting diversity and cultural awareness within their organization, the transportation industry, or in a project or activity that supports the goals and mission of WTS.

Employer of the Year: Honors a company, non-profit, association, or government agency for recruiting, retaining, and advancing women.

Innovative Transportation Solution Award: Salutes an innovative transportation project led by a woman that improves the quality of life for its users and the community.

Secretary Ray LaHood Award: Honors a man who is a leader in transportation and has contributed toward the advancement of women and minorities in the industry.

Note: The winning recipients from each WTS chapter may be submitted to WTS International for the International Awards presented at the Annual Conference.

Submittal Requirements

  1. Use the attached nomination forms and directions (links provided above) to submit the nominations.  Provide a one-page overview of the nominee's background and experience, describing how the candidate meets the award criterion.  Provide responses to each criteria question, answered separately below each question.  You should not skip and/or combine responses.  Submissions should be typed using the attached form and submitted in Word (.doc or .docx format).  Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered for nomination.  The nomination cannot exceed three (3) single-spaced pages in length.  Any pages beyond the third page will NOT be included in the ballot.
  2. E-mail your nominations by Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 5:00 PM to Linell Homentosky, the WTS Philadelphia Scholarship & Awards Co-Chair at: Linell.homentosky@aecom.com.

Note: Persons/projects may only be nominated for one (1) award.  Please ensure that your nomination is best suited for the criteria outlined for the award category.

For additional information or to get involved in the WTS Philadelphia Awards Committee, please contact Linell Homentosky or Jenna Oskowitz, WTS Philadelphia’s Scholarship and Awards Co-Chairs.

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