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Mentoring Program



Mentoring Program Kickoff


The WTS-OC Mentoring Program’s 2018-19 term kicked off on July 27 at the offices of TRC Solutions in Irvine. This year’s program includes 31 mentor/mentee pairs, consisting of 26 professional pairings and five student pairings. Mentors and mentees attended the luncheon event filled with energy and enthusiasm. Some pairs were meeting for the first time, while others had already started communicating.

Bernadette Duran-Brown kicked off the luncheon with a warm welcome and recognized the Mentoring Committee and WTS-OC board members. The event’s keynote speaker was Camilo Rocha, Vice President - Southern California Leader of TRC Solutions. Camilo shared his top 10 tips for being a mentee and the benefits of participating in a mentorship program like WTS.

Participants were reminded of the goals of the program – fostering professional development, giving back to the industry and to our future leaders and networking. Mentors and mentees alike were then encouraged to meet with their pairs to review and complete the Memorandum of Understanding which provides guidelines to a successful program year agreed upon by the mentor and mentee, followed by a fast-paced ice breaker. The event was enjoyed by all, and on behalf of the Mentoring Committee, we are excited about what this year’s pairs will achieve.


Mentoring Program Orientation


The WTS-OC Mentoring Program held an orientation event for the Mentee Class of 2018-19 on July 13. The event was hosted at HDR’s offices in Irvine and provided mentees with an opportunity to meet one another and learn how to make the most of the program.

Keynote speaker John Rohrer, the managing principal of HDR Construction Control Corporation, gave mentees a perspective on a career in civil engineering and transportation, along with tips and advice on how to choose your career in transportation, understanding the options with professional organizations, professional conduct and social media, and how to navigate and grow your career. In addition, mentees heard from a former mentee, Mary Haynes, on how she took advantage of the program and lessons learned. Afterwards, mentees played an ice-breaker Bingo game to get to know one another, begin networking and win prizes! The mentees walked away excited and prepared for the upcoming term.


Want to join the Mentoring Program?


Are you looking for a trusted advisor or a seasoned transportation professional who is ready to give back? Joing the WTS-OC Mentorning Program!


Be a Mentee:

  • Develop and enchance professional skills
  • Receive career guidance
  • Network with transportation professionals
  • Get ongoing support from WTS-OC mentoring committee

Be a Mentor:

  • Give back and streghten future leaders
  • Enhance leadership and mentoring skills
  • Newtork with other industry leaders

Check back to see when applications open! 






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