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WTS Northern Utah is looking for energetic and motivated individuals to help grow and promote our programs. There are a variety of ways to participate:

Membership Committee
Members are needed to help plan our membership socials, as well as handlling correspondence with new members, maintenance of membership records, and assisting with the annual membership campaign. Contact Claire Woodman to get involved.

Scholarship Committee
WTS Northern Utah is awards scholarships each spring. We need committee members to continue outreach to area universities and expand scholarship opportunities, bring ideas for partnering with other organizations to provide larger awards, and work on perpetuating our scholarship fund. Contact Jodi Pearson for more information.

Communications Committee 
Responsible for publicizing the WTS organization on a local level and communicating with members and others interested in the Chapter’s activities. If you’re interested in helping to reach our audience through a variety of creative collateral and media tools, contact Alexis Verson, Communications Director, to help with newsletters, Facebook, web updates and more!

Programs Committee 
This group plans events for the upcoming year. This committee is fun and energetic and the work is very rewarding! Typically as a program committee member, you will have input on the overall program, and also volunteer to plan at least one event per year. Contact Stephanee Eastman, Programs Director, to have an impact on our chapter's programming.

Mentoring Committees

Transportation YOU — WTS International and the U.S. Department of Transportation formed a partnership to encourage women to seek careers in transportation. The girls STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiative is implemented through every WTS chapter, reaching 13- to 18-year-old girls throughout the country, and our Northern Utah chapter is very active with programs throughout the school year. Contact Alex Fisher-Willis, Transportation YOU chair, to guide young women as they look at how to spend their high school and college years.

Young Professionals — Group dedicated to learning how to network, build bridges, get career and exam help and build bridges with seasoned professionals. Contact Alex Fasking to get involved.

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