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Do you have a current job posting? Are you looking for a job? Please submit requests to Leslie Tracey at Leslie.Tracey@durhamnc.gov to be considered for inclusion on this page.


Active Listings:

Dewberry - Senior Proposal Coordinator - Raleigh, NC - 4-18-19 - Dewberry’s internal hiring practice maintains an ongoing commitment to recruit and hire women, veterans, and minorities. Below is a current company-wide employee breakdown that speaks to our commitment to creating a diverse workplace. We employee over 2,300 people, 663 of those are women, 137 are minority women, 261 are minority men, and 87 are veterans.

CH Engineering - Utility Coordinator - Raleigh, NC - 4-18-19

CH Engineering - EI Engineer - Raleigh, NC - 4-18-19


 As a benefit for our corporate partners, members, and local non-profit organizations, the NC Triangle Chapter will run job postings for 30 days for free on our chapter website and newsletter.



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