WTS International chapters are the association’s most important local delivery channel. By developing and organizing into regions, the bandwidth of WTS chapters is expanded. Geographically based regions connect members from multiple states and across multi-modal industries. Chapter regions provide leadership opportunities for members to influence and lead positive changes through participation in critical and local conversations. Regions place WTS chapters in the forefront of today’s important regional issues!


llinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa,

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.


Spring 2018 Newsletter

Winter 2017 Newsletter


WTS Central Region Council

Chair: Melissa Thomson Evel

Vice Chair:   Jeanne Olubogun, WTS St Louis

Immediate Past Chair: Kirsten Bowen

Nikki Farrington, WTS Minnesota

Charlotte Frei, WTS Chicago

Amanda Johnson, WTS Indianapolis

Kathleen Matson, WTS Wisconsin

Steven Main, WTS Southwest Ohio

Frances Rourke, WTS Columbus

Joanne Shaner, WTS NE Ohio

Jasmine Sisson, WTS Michigan