Meet the WTS International Staff!

Sara Stickler, Executive Director

Sara Stickler joined WTS International in October of 2018 as the Executive Director. Sara works to set and execute WTS International’s organizational strategic priorities, working closely with the WTS International Board of Directors to continuously assess and develop the WTS brand and the association’s programs. Sara also works with the WTS Foundation and its Board of Directors to realize its mission of supporting the next generation of transportation professionals and advancing the principles of WTS.

Prior to joining WTS, Sara was the Executive Director of the Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation of the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA). She also served as the Vice President of Research and Education at HCPA. Stickler led the foundation through an organizational rebrand to position the foundation for long-term growth. She oversaw fundraising and donor relationship building initiatives. As Vice President, Stickler oversaw over 25 active joint ventures and LLC’s through the Ignite Solutions program where she implemented a project management approach to the program; overseeing long-term and short-term industry research projects and initiatives.

Previously, Stickler taught second grade at Indian Hill Exempted Village School District in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she also coached basketball and softball. She has extensive experience working in education and with educational programs through schools, nonprofits, and outside organizations. 

Sara earned her Master of Public Policy degree from University of Maryland where she specialized in Nonprofit Policy. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Psychology from Xavier University in Ohio.

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April Rai, Director

April Rai oversees the membership and chapter relations departments of WTS where she drives collaborative approaches to chapter development and member engagement.  April has extensive experience in membership development and external affairs where she specializes in promoting cross-collaboration amongst stakeholders.

Prior to joining WTS, April served as the CEO for the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS), a membership coalition that promotes safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth while encouraging youth empowerment and leadership.  In this role, April engaged with multiple transportation stakeholders on traffic and motor vehicle injury prevention. 

Previously, Stickler taught second grade at Indian Hill Exempted Village School District in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she also coached basketball and softball. She has extensive experience working in education and with educational programs through schools, nonprofits, and outside organizations. 

April previously served as Manager & Affairs Analyst in the Office of the Dean at the University of Maryland, School of Nursing directing government affairs and communications.  She also managed day to day operations for the State of Maryland, Action Coalition, an initiative of the AARP Foundation, AARP and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Rosa Chung, Director

Rosa Chung is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of WTS. She supports many of the programs and events of WTS International with logistical support. Rosa is also heavily involved with the WTS Foundation in managing chapter accounts and the Foundation’s scholarship program.

Prior to joining WTS, Ms. Chung worked as Administrative Manager for SSP, Inc., a NYC-based agricultural trading firm, providing leadership in business strategies and planning as well as in operations. She successfully executed multiple projects to integrate technologies into operational processes and managed databases and the corporate library.  

Rosa has also held researcher positions with Harvard University, Georgetown University, think tanks, and law firms in Washington, D.C. Her research focused on domestic and international policy issues, ranging from higher education, to international trad and intellectual property rights, to women in the global economy. Rosa holds a Masters of Public Policy from Georgetown University. 

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Haley Diamond, Manager

As Manager, Haley works closely with each team member to implement WTS’s long-term communications strategy, deliver marketing solutions, and develop programming. Haley enjoys learning about issues in transportation and leveraging communication tools to advance goals in the field. Currently, Haley is developing new strategies to ensure every member feels connected to and empowered by WTS. 

Prior to joining WTS International, Haley worked at the Alliance for Consumer Education, the Household & Commercial Products Association, and the Washington School of Ballet. Her combined skills in strengthening social media and digital communications as well as member and community relations will help expand WTS’ voice.

Haley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies specializing in International Media and minoring in Literature from American University. She is a Buffalo native who loves visiting home for chicken wings, sponge candy, and visiting her pet Shih Tzu, Spike.

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Sonali Shah, Manager

Sonali is a Manager in the communications department of WTS where she creates and maintains valuable content for WTS members. She is passionate about promoting WTS programs and highlighting the members and partners that drive the success of WTS. Sonali is also engaged with the WTS Foundation where she manages the Transportation You program including the DC Summit. 

Prior to joining WTS, Sonali was an independent business consultant for various small businesses. She was instrumental in creating an on-line presence and developing strategies of support of social media optimization for her clients.

Sonali has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Marketing from Rutgers University. In 2010, she received the Mini MBA- Social Media Marketing Certification from Rutgers University. Sonali currently volunteers her time at the Marlboro High School PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) managing online communications.

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