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The Future Is Moving Fast—Learn How to Lead It

In a rapidly changing world, transportation will be essential in the coming years to ensure security, accessibility, and opportunity for years to come. To accomplish these transformative goals, a new generation of leadership will require innovation, creativity, measured risk, and compassion.

The WTS International Leadership Program seeks to prepare women and men to lead the future of transportation industry by developing professionally and learning how to manage others effectively; ultimately, for the advancement for all in the transportation industry and for those who use it.



2019 Leadership Program

This year’s Leadership Program will include a track for mid-level managers and executives in transportation. The event will offer a chance for knowledge sharing, networking, and meaningful guidance on how to boost your career.


October 1-3, 2019 in Washington, D.C.

  •  Develop the leadership skills needed to take you to fulfill your career goals.
  • Explore transportation industry trends.
  • Gain leadership insights from a personal "360-degree" assessment.
  • Connect with transportation industry innovators.



October 2-5, 2019 in Washington, D.C.

  • Content and strategic insights are based on research of executives in the industry.
  • Contains media and influence training that can be used to drive transportation policy.
  • Includes an executive level "360-degree" assessment and one-on-one professional coaching to achieve highly focused learning.



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Denise Rabius is President of Rabius Consulting, a firm which creates unique organizational development programs by working closely with each client to design custom training that enables organizations to develop their leadership and transform their culture.   Denise is an instructor and executive coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she facilitates Organizational Behavior courses, and coaches in the Executive Education Programs. 

Ms. Rabius is known for developing strong women leaders.  She created the popular Women’s Leadership program for the Stanford University Continuing Studies Program, and facilitates the Women in Management program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  Denise has provided highly successful leadership programs for a variety of organizations including Salesforce, Google, McKinsey & Company, Arup, and WTS International. 

Denise brings over 25 years of management experience to her practice. Prior to her consulting work, she led the Advanced Technology Business Group at Microsoft.  She is on the board for the Stanford Women’s Circles.

  • B.A. Economics, Smith College
  • Graduate studies at Keio University and International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
  • M.B.A., Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Denise has a passion for art and is a painter and fine art photographer. On weekends, you will find her on the water with her husband racing their 35 foot Ericson on the San Francisco Bay.



Read what last year’s attendees learned:


Learn practical tools for management:

"I really enjoyed getting structured tools which can be used as management tools. The tangible and real tools were incredibly helpful rather than only focusing on theoretical concepts."

"I learned a lot of useful tips and I am currently applying. I drafted my daily questions and I am keeping track."

“The discussion on influencing without positional power was really helpful, including developing a script and getting feedback from my partner. This gave me a tool I can use in my current position.”

“All the modules were not only informational but very practical. I learned that planning is a key to success”


Learn how to use your confidence in the workplace:

 "I learned that a woman in management, it is important that you communicate with confidence and having a good understanding of yourself - strengths and weakness as well as how others may perceive you, helps you have a better foundation in knowing how to lead. Because I am more of an introvert, I tend to think sometimes what I have to say won't make much difference; I will be changing that outlook about myself from now on."

"Don't promise - surprise and brag better (actually learn to brag)."

“Earlier in my career, I had to learn to embrace my dominant spirit and own it, now I need to learn how to use it more judiciously.”


Learn to communicate more effectively:

“I learned a great deal about how to communicate differently with colleagues who have different communication strengths and weaknesses from me. I also learned a great deal regarding the nuances between being assertive and being aggressive. I learned how the "influencer" style can be a positive in the work place and how to manage the negative elements of that style.”

“I learned a lot about how to speak to my direct reports and bosses.”

“Influencing Others Without Power - I truly wish I had this content earlier in my career. Learning effective communication strategies, considering the outcome of my interactions, and how to keep a group on track - immensely valuable.”

"I need to focus more on my staff - listening to them, including them, thinking about how best to communicate with them, rewarding them, and empowering them.”


About WTS Leadership Program   WTS International began its Mid-Career Leadership Program, Leadership for the 21st Century, in 2000 and has grown into one of the organization’s premier leadership development opportunities. The program has been expanded to include the Executive Leader Program, the first of its kind for the transportation industry. An expert team of professionals created both programs, which are geared toward women and men with promise for higher levels of responsibility and leadership.