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What Our Members Say About Membership

No one understands the benefits of WTS better than our members. Here are some reasons for joining and supporting WTS, in their own words.

nfarringtonWhy are you involved in WTS? Nikki Farrington
WTS has always been a great resource for networking, it continues to have great monthly programs and I've been especially proud of our scholarship program. As a scholarship and recognitions committee member, I've been continually blown away by the local scholarship applicants. Every year I'm convinced we are making an impact on the transportation community by supporting some of the brightest, most enthusiastic talent out there. I want to encourage all members to continue to support our scholarship program—we are making a difference! Read more from Nikki.


dmeyersWhat inspires you to invest in an organization whose mission is to advance women? Dan Meyers
It is my belief that my involvement in WTS has helped my career through the conferences, meetings, and networking that WTS provides their members. Growing up in a home where my mother and sisters routinely let me know that their education and careers were as or more important as mine, my brothers, or my father gave me an excellent base to support an organization dedicated to advancing women like WTS. However, I think what truly inspires me to continue to invest in WTS are my daughters, Emma and Grace. My hope is that whatever educational path they take and whatever profession they choose there will be an organization like WTS to assist and inspire them along their way. Read more from Dan.


bcolburnWhat role did WTS play in your career? Biz Colburn
WTS Minnesota gave me the opportunity to take a leadership role in the transportation community as 1993 President. While traveling on business, I connected with other WTS chapters around the country and met many smart, talented women, many with high-level transportation jobs. I felt at home because no matter which city I linked up with, the women were similar to those in the Minnesota WTS Chapter. Everyone had been so kind to me; I felt it was time to give back. I sat on the WTS National Board of Directors for three terms which gave me great access to national speakers for the Minnesota Chapter. Read more from Biz.



Why do you choose to continue to invest in WTS? Michael Corbett
I feel WTS offers the best variety of topics in their programs, and our members have an impressive diversity of educational backgrounds and professional experiences. I have benefitted greatly from the networking opportunities WTS offers, and have learned so much about the variety of roles and responsibilities people have within the realm of transportation. My professional and personal life has been greatly enriched. I truly value the friendships I have made within WTS over the years. Read more from Michael.


jdyllaWhy is continued involvement in WTS important to you? Jackie Dylla
I enjoy meeting all types of people involved in the transportation industry and learning how so many different components go into these projects. At one event I sat with someone who works at the Minnesota Department of Transportation and is in charge of choosing which restaurant, gas station, hotel, etc. gets their name on signs near the off-ramps. It was interesting to hear what type of effort and process goes into these signs! Read more from Jackie.


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