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Sustainability Committee Meeting Minutes and Documents:

2020 January

2019 November


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How Green is Local Food?


In the United States, conventionally produced foods are often said to travel 1,500 miles from farm to plate. Rich Pirog, senior associate director of the C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems, found that conventional food distribution was responsible for 5 to 17 times more CO2 than local (sourced within 400 miles) and regionally produced food. How Green is Local Food?


How do we begin to talk about it?


Have you heard about Ecosia?

Ecosia lets users plant trees by searching the web. In donating 80 percent of its surplus ad revenue, the search engine has raised almost $3 million for reforestation projects since it's founding in December 2009. Ecost's mission to cultiviate a world where the environment doesn't need protecting has it working to plant on billion new trees by the year 2020. 

By supporting high-impact reforestation efforts - as well as neutralising all CO2 emissions related to its search - Ecosta aims to achieve the highest positive environmental impact per dollar possible. 



Ecosia is a certificed B Corporation





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