Advancing Women in Transportation

Katherine F. Turnbull Undergraduate Leadership Award

Caitlin Weber

Caitlin Weber is a Civil Engineering major at Iowa State University. She is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and captain of her ISU Women’s Club volleyball team. After graduation, she hopes to leverage her experience, like her student co-op with the City of Ames, to one day work in Minnesota in the transportation engineering field.

Donna W. Allan Undergraduate Scholarship

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller is an Aviation Management major at St. Cloud State University. Among her achievements include a 7th place finish in the Air Race Classic, an all-female cross-country air race started in 1929 by Amelia Earhart. Jessica’s goals include finding ways to inspire young woman to go into the aviation industry.

WTS Minnesota Graduate Scholarship

Kristina Nesse

Kristina Nesse is currently completing her first year in urban and regional planning at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. She has previously researched congestion pricing in London and New York and is currently completing analysis of factors influencing public transit ridership in Minnesota. Kristina hopes to have a career in public sector transportation planning in the Twin Cities.

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