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Friday, March 30, 2012

WTS- Tour of the New Mississippi River Bridge

11:30 AM - 01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Call Jamie Rana for more info



You have a reservation for one of the tours for the new Mississippi River Bridge project. This 4year, $700 million project will remove I70 from the overcrowded Poplar Street Bridge and move it one mile north of the Dr. Martin Luther King bridge between St. Louis and St. Clair County, Illinois.

Here are some items you will want to keep in mind for the tour:

1. Our contractor asks that you sign a release prior to going into the construction zone. That release is available for print out at http://www.newriverbridge.org/documents/form.pdf and is also included in this pretour packet. Please feel free to review and sign this release before coming on the tour. We will have copies of this available

at the tour’s beginning for you to sign as well. However, if you are not willing to sign this release, our contractor

cannot allow you in the construction zone. You will be welcome to attend the project overview at the beginning of the tour, however.

2. Please be prepared to walk. You will have to walk about a total of a mile between the start of the tour and the

end. Please wear comfortable, closed toed shoes, preferably no high heels and long pants.

3. Although the tour is primarily walking, we can make some moderate adjustments for people in wheelchairs, walkers, etc. However, they will need to be assisted by a caretaker or family member.

4. Please limit children to those over the age of 12.

5. This is a construction zone. Although we will make every effort to ensure your protection, there may be dust, gravel, and sparks near you as you tour the site and visit us.

6. We will provide hard hats, and if needed, safety glasses during the tour.

7. Please stay with the group as we move into and through the construction zone.

8. Please feel free to ask questions about what you see on the tour.

9. Although the release states that photography isn’t allowed, you will be able to bring small cameras and get photos of activity at the bridge site.

10. You are also welcome to bring binoculars to better see activity on the river.

11. Tours will not be allowed onto the barges constructing the bridge – the tour will entirely consist of what people can see from the river bank.

12. There will be an area set aside at the construction site for the tour. Please remain within that set aside area for your safety and the safety of the workers on the site.

13. Tours may be canceled if river levels are too high or unsafe, or during certain construction activities. If a tour

must be canceled, we will make every effort to notify people as early as possible. Please provide a form of contact (phone, email or fax) that you will have access to on the day of the tour, so we can notify you if the tour has canceled.

14. No alcohol or smoking will be allowed on the tour. You are encouraged to bring water or other nonalcoholic drink during the walking part of the tour. Please remember to dispose of empty containers properly.

15. Please be respectful of the tour guides and the other members of the tour group. Individuals being disruptive may be asked to leave the tour.

16. Please allow about an hour and a half for the tour.

17. Please call us at 3144531808 if you have any questions

We look forward to hosting you for your visit to the Mississippi River Bridge project. These rules are necessary to make sure your visit to the project remains safe and enjoyable. We’ll see you there!



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