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Transportation YOU

Transportation YOU

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Joyce Taylor, PE, Past President/Senior Advisor

Katy Hews, Past-President
Hews Company, LLC

Peggy Duval, Past-President

Theresa McAuliffe, PE, President
McFarland Johnson

Mackenzie Kersbergen, PE, Vice-President

Be Schonewald, PE, Treasurer
Schonewald Engineering Associates, Inc.

Erin Courtney, Secretary
Maine Turnpike Authority

Katherine Kern, PE, Membership Chair

Meredith Kirkmann, PE, Programs & Events Chair
University of Maine

Mackenzie Demkowitz, PE, Transportation YOU Chair

Amy Floren, PE, Communications & Social Media Chair
Louis Berger

Maria Fuentes, Sponsorship Chair
Maine Better Transportation Association

Liz Brownell, PE, Scholarship Chair
Becker Structural Engineers




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