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WTS-LA Employer of the Year: The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering – Leveling the Professional Field

If you live, visit, or even transit through Los Angeles, you have benefited from the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering (Engineering) and their award-winning, internationally-recognized  work. They are the lead agency for the planning, design, and construction management of the city’s transportation projects, public buildings, and infrastructure, as well as construction permitting and mapping. What many may not know, however, is that Engineering is one of the most dynamic and diverse departments in the city. 
With more than 900 engineers, architects, surveyors, technical, and administrative professionals, Engineering is a recognized leader in the recruitment, retention, and professional development of female employees. Through their outstanding Gender Equity Program, Engineering has rapidly increased the number of women working on the department’s transportation-related projects. But that’s only one aspect of their equity efforts. Here are some other examples of their record of recruitment and promotional opportunities for women:
  • In the past five years, Engineering hired 288 full-time employees, 40% (115) of whom were women.
  • Just last year, they hired 102 full-time employees, 45% (46) were female.
  • 118 employees work directly on transportation projects, 34% (40) are women.
  • Four of the nine Executive Team members are women
  • Of the 120 employees in BOE’s Mentorship Program, 38% (45) are women.
  • The percentage of women leading Engineering’s largest projects far exceeds industry standards. 
And that is only the short list. The Bureau of Engineering also provides exceptional career development opportunities and advancement for all of its employees, but particularly for women. The following programs are key elements of both their Strategic Plan and their Gender Equity Program. 
  • Specialized Training and Education Funding: The Bureau has one of the most generous policies for funding employee training and education.
  • Mentorship Program: The program provides ongoing support and assistance in the full range of professional development skills and career guidance. 
  • Rotation Program: A three-year program, the Rotation Program allows associates to experience the three phases of capital project delivery.
  • Professional Organization Membership: Engineering encourages and supports membership in professional organizations through conference attendance and other activities. 
  • Attending and Speaking at Professional Events: Engineering employees participate as speakers and panelists at conferences and professional events across the US.
  • Employee/Project Awards: Engineering submits nominations for projects and individuals to help employees gain recognition for their hard work and accomplishments. 
Finally, representative of the organization’s commitment, City Engineer Gary Lee Moore has served as a WTS-LA Director at Large since 2005. He has been an active supporter of WTS-LA and its mission, and encourages active participation for all the Bureau’s employees. These are just some of the reasons why the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering has been named the 2018 WTS-LA Employer of the Year. 
Also see the WTS-LA article on City of Los Angeles principal civil engineer and 2017 WTS-LA Woman of Distinction Julie Allen. 


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