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The WTS-LA Innovation Transportation Solutions Award: An Award Where Everyone Wins

Innovation isn’t enough. The WTS-LA Innovative Transportation Solutions Award must also add community value and make a real difference in the lives of its users. This year, WTS-LA found two deserving projects that fit those criteria and named each winners of the 2018 WTS-LA Innovative Transportation Solutions Award. 
The Metro MicroTransit Pilot Project is an innovative service that will transform public transportation by providing short trips (under 20 minutes in defined service zones) through a shared-ride service. In particular, MicroTransit has the potential to address the transportation needs of women, whose travel patterns don’t always follow a traditional commute pattern. Using turn-by-turn navigation with live traffic conditions and real-time pick-up/drop-off requests, MicroTransit is harnessing the power of technology to provide the most efficient shared short trips for Metro customers. 
The U-Pass Pilot Program features a collaboration between Metro, Foothill Transit, Long Beach Transit, Torrance Transit, and Gardena Transit. Covering 15 colleges and universities, the U-Pass program increased student ridership by 49%, generating more than 5 million student boardings. And it’s poised to expand. So successful a program, it’s been chosen by the TRB as part of its “Best Practices in College Student Transit Pass Programs.” 
Congratulations to all of the team members on each project. 


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