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The Southern California Association of Governments Presents a World-Changing Student

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is all about the future. A Joint Powers Authority under California law, SCAG is also a Regional Transportation Planning Agency and a Council of Governments. And for good measure, it’s also certified as a Metropolitan Planning Organization by the federal government. There is, however, one uniting theme amongst all of these government mandates: collaboration to advance a population’s future. But for SCAG, it’s collaboration on an astounding level. 
Encompassing six counties (Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura), SCAG represents 191 cities in an area covering more than 38,000 square miles. And for that collective area, it develops long-range regional transportation plans and sustainable communities strategies. The agency looks at future population growth and changing demographics to assess future transportation needs, while ensuring sustainable growth and improved air quality. 
How the agency accomplishes this is through collaboration. In addition to the cities and counties that make up its membership, SCAG works with federal and state agencies, Native American tribes, Air Districts, universities, business groups and community organizations to address issues affecting Southern California. 
SCAG has been a longtime supporter of WTS-LA and its mission. SCAG has sponsored a scholarship since 2013, and it believes that the best way to further its mission is to support the next generation of planners and transportation professionals. For that reason, each year they help select a deserving young woman from a community college to receive the scholarship they sponsor. They chose to help a young woman in a community college setting, as it speaks to their principle of truly serving their constituency. And this year, SCAG has chosen Marissa Renteria to receive the 2018 $3,000 SCAG Community College Scholarship.   
For more on SCAG scholarship recipient, Marissa Renteria, read here


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