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Stephanie Wiggins Keeps It Rail as Metrolink’s New CEO!

WTS-LA 2014 Woman of the Year Stephanie Wiggins
Stephanie Wiggins is no stranger to serious titles: LA Metro Deputy Chief Executive Officer, LA Metro Vendor/Contract Management Executive Director, Riverside County Transportation Commission Regional Programs Director, WTS-LA Director-At-Large, and, of course, WTS member. But she just added a new title, and it is the biggest one yet. WTS-LA is proud to congratulate Stephanie Wiggins on becoming the new Chief Executive Officer at the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink). 
“I look forward to having a laser focus on enhancing the customer experience for current and future riders,” explained Wiggins in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. She takes the reins of the agency with an annual budget north of $251 million, approximately 512 miles of track, and more than 39,000 daily riders. Replacing retiring CEO Art Leahy, Wiggins looks to implement an ambitious $10 billion improvement plan at a critical time—right before the 2028 Olympics hit Los Angeles. And by all accounts, she is the one to do it.
“She has been a tremendous asset to Metro and will be a fantastic CEO,” Metro Chief Executive Phil Washington remarked to the Los Angeles Times. “We look forward to continuing to work with her and the Metrolink team to deliver great mobility options for our region.”
Eminently qualified and fully prepared to lead, Wiggins brings more than 24 years of transportation experience to Metrolink’s table—including working in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. She’s also the first woman and first African-American to lead the 26-year old agency. 
Stephanie Wiggins is no stranger to serious titles. And she’s just added one of the most important titles to the front of her name, that of Metrolink CEO. WTS-LA congratulates her on this monumental achievement and promises to continue to support her in every way possible. 
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