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Stantec’s Community Quest: Doing Well By Doing Good

Stantec is not small. With more than 22,000 professionals in 400 offices around the globe, Stantec provides multidisciplinary planning, engineering, architecture, and project/construction management services. But they do more; they give back. And their commitment to giving back to the communities they serve is as strong as their desire to help clients shape the built environment. In 2017, for example, Stantec donated approximately 1% of its pre-tax earnings (more than $3 million, a company record) to community engagement activities. And that’s the sixth year in a row that they’ve done that. Supporting the arts, education, health and wellness, and the environment, Stantec provide funds directly to organizations around the globe. But with Stantec, it’s not just about providing funds. 
During Stantec in the Community Week, more than 5,000 Stantec employees joined together to support over 400 community organizations on six continents. Now, in continuing their long-standing support of WTS and WTS-LA—they are a Platinum sponsor—they have created the $5,000 Stantec WTS-LA Scholarship. 
“At Stantec, we aim to make a difference in the places where we live and work,” explains Alfonso Rodriguez, Stantec vice president and Pacific Region leader. “We’re committed to connecting with our communities to help strengthen them in meaningful ways and are thrilled to support the future of local transportation through the advancement of women. It is our honor and privilege to partner with WTS-LA to present Cassie Halls with a well-deserved scholarship and support her very bright future in transportation and engineering.” 
Launched through Stantec’s Community Engagement fund, the inaugural $5,000 Stantec WTS-LA Scholarship embodies Stantec’s commitment to making lasting connections to people and communities. With this scholarship, they do both. Cassie Halls is young. She’s a transportation professional at the beginning of her journey. But she’s also quite accomplished for her age. One thing in particular stands out, however, about Ms. Halls and her work. She believes in the power of giving back to communities through her work. And as Mr. Rodriguez points out, both Ms. Halls and Stantec share that profound commitment to community and the use of transportation to better it. For that reason and many more, Stantec and WTS-LA are proud to recognize Cassie Halls with the 2018 $5,000 Stantec WTS-LA Scholarship. 
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