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In 2WTS_e9659013, the WTS Los Angeles Scholarship Committee oversaw the distribution of more than $30,000 in competitive academic scholarships to women in high school, certificate, undergraduate and graduate programs in transportation-related fields, including transportation engineering, planning, finance or logistics.

Applications are due each year in early October and are reviewed by a committee of WTS LA members, with the scholarships awarded at the annual Scholarship Dinner in November.

To learn more, contact Elisabeth Rosenson, Scholarship Chair at wtslascholarships@gmail.com or read our scholarship description.

$4,000 and $6,000 Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship application

$4,000 and $6,000 Ava Doner Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship application


Photographs by John Livzey

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Boardroom Insights Panel: Leading Transportation Across Land, Air and Sea

From planes, trains, buses, boats and roadways, Los Angeles County has a complex system to deliver mobility. Decisions made to operate, evolve, sustain and connect this elaborate network are critical for public safety and the regional economy. Hear from women who serve in this high stakes arena as the Directors and Commissioners responsible for setting policy that will impact Southern California for generations.
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