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Redefining the Annual Report: WTS-LA’s Showpiece Document



Annual_Report_SpreadWTS-LA Communications Chair and ICF International Senior Proposal Manager Jeff Markwardt (below right) believes many, if not most, annual reports are dull. They offer little more than a rhetorical year in review.

But the 2014 WTS Los Angeles Annual Report defies convention by providing chapter membership with a beautiful, engaging document filled with substantive, useful information. It is a document chapter members can both use and be proud of.

“We wanted to provide WTS-LA members with a comprehensive overview of their accomplishments for the year," says Markwardt. "And we wanted to give it to them in a form that they would be proud of, a document that they can enthusiastically show their boss, their spouse, or someone they think might be interested in joining the chapter.

"We went to great lengths and took great care to make sure that this would be an engaging document that looks beautiful and conveys effectively exactly what WTS-LA is about. And I think we achieved that.”

This annual report is different. Yes, it accurately illustrates the diversity of the chapter in terms of its members, transportation modes, and the multitude of chapter initiatives.

It also captures the vibrancy of the chapter’s 14 committees, its historical accomplishments, and the directional strategies that help realize WTS-LA’s mission. Filled with information that chapter members can actually use and want to know, the report also gleams with stunning, captivating photography from regular WTS-LA contributor and award-winning photographer John Livzey.

“We wanted this to be a comprehensive overview of our chapter, purpose, and people, an overview that every committee chair could utilize to advance committee initiatives and that evJeffMarkwardt_e7940ery member could use as a marketing tool. To accomplish that, I had the pleasure of leading a very talented team of folks. First, I want to credit the WTS-LA Board of Directors, as most everyone on the Board contributed to this piece. But I also want to thank our core team: WTS-LA President Amanda Heinke, Special Advisor to the President Alexandra Spencer, writer Arthur Schurr, photographer John Livzey, and graphic designer Kim Van Houten.

"Within one month, together we delivered what I believe is a showpiece document. But ultimately, I want to thank our members. This annual report is a tribute to the WTS-LA membership who accomplished so much in 2014.”

Photography © John Livzey.




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