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December 2017 Issue

Message From The President • LA County Public Works Mark Pestrella: A Mission of Hope and Story • Lisa Levy Buch is Comms, Cool, and Respected • With WTS-LA, Rachel Vandenberg doesn't believe it's who you know: it's whom... • Lucy Olmos Delgadillo: The Road Best Traveled • Blair Schlecter: law became a vehicle for greater transportation involvement • Rachel Lindt: How WTS-LA Is Supposed to Work • Tamar Fuhrer: Volunteering for Greater Insight • Jennifer Lao and WTS-LA Social Media: Advancing Women on the Information Superhighway • Puja Thomas-Patel: A Force Built by Committee • City of Los Angeles Engineer Julie Allen: Making a Distinct Impression • Lessons from the Continent: A WTS-LA Tour de Course • Through a Pioneering P3, Angels Flight Takes Off Once Again • WTS-LA Programs Deliver a Most Important Audience


Picture2July 2017 Issue

Message From The President • Leading By Learning: The Meet Of The Matter • Community Quest: The Heart Of The Spiel • Lisa Maurath Prefers Her Transportation A La Modes • WTS Fills Your Monthly Transportation Prescription • No Off-The-Shelf Tome, The TRB Is A Must-Read For WTS-LA Partners • Flowers Helps WTS-LA Mid-Career Professionals Bloom • METRANS Transportation Center Empowers Worker Movement • Tending A Hand: Amy Grat On The Care And Feeding of Volunteers


Message from the President • President Setting: For Cynthia S ugimoto, A School like No Other • Metro Deputy CEO Stephanie Wiggins Understands the Value of Culture • Elenna Salcido Credits Urban Planning for Her Career • Kathy McClure Uses Firm Resolve to Advance Nationwide Infrastructure Projects • LA County S upervisor Barger Proves Why Breakfast Is So Important to Your Career • Mentorship Chair Mahsa Pan Will Help You If You're Stuck in the Middle• Measure for Measures: What Ballot Measures Mean for Transportation in the Golden State • Dinner Provides Rich Fare for Students • If it's good enough for Warren Buffett ... • Dr. S himshon-S anto Is Giving S tudents a Leg Up on the Career Ladder • Dr. Sylvia He Credits Frank S cholarship with Helping Her Cure Hong Kong Transport  Working Remotely: What to Know About Using Drones for Your Business  •  Listening to Yourself Has Its Values

2016 Newsletters

Message from the President • Judi Masuda Meets Transportation Demands in an Electrifying Manner • Lydia Kennard Sees Success as a Matter of Unquestionable Fortitude • Neilia LaValle Found Her True Career Path on a Right of Way • Jillian Switzer Thinks Droning On is an Exciting Prospect • Rosa Brice and Rebecca Kalauskas Want You to Know What Others Are Missing • Excellence Marks the Spot for the WTS-LA Communications Committee • Tess daSilva Wants to Answer Small Businesses' Big Questions • Amy Shimshon-Santo Wants You to Invest in Futures • WTS London's Camilla Ween Wants to Fix Your City, No Matter Where You Live • Emilie Gino's Vision Helps Pupils See a Clearer Future • Amy Grat on Hitting the Why Notes: Why Following Up is Following Through
Message from the President • C'est La Guerra: Training to Fight the Good Fight • Samantha Bricker: Bringing Rail to Santa Monica with Authority • Mary McCormick Excels in Public Displays of Connection • In Transportation, WTS-UCLA's Camille Stewart is in a Class by Herself • Ports to People: Elizabeth Warren is a Vital Link in Southern California's Supply Chain • The Tao of Volunteering • This Book Gives a Good Read on the Future • Mind the Gap: Effective Stormwater Project Management


Message from the President High-Speed Grail: Melissa de la Pena's Leadership Training for Women • Balance Beaming: Tina Backstrom on Raising a Family and a Career • Kyra Tao Takes the Lead: Volunteering for the Greater Good • The Doctor Was In and He Took Professional Development to a New Level • Devon Deming: An Uncommon Metrics Sytem for Creating Outstanding Leaders • "This is Dan Beal!" • Amy Grat on a Uncommon Courtesy: A Note to the Wise Should be Sufficient • For Liz Cousins, Best Practices Make Perfect: Advancing Transportation by Design-Build • METRANS and WTS-LA Present Dinner and Thinks


March 2016 Issue

Message from the President • The How Jones Tutorial: Stacey Jones Remembers Lessons Earned • For Shelly Verrinder, Access Equals Opportunity • Elizabeth Ramirez: Getting the Word In California Transportation Funding is Running Out of Gas • A Place in the Crowd: WTS-LA Draws a Quorum for a Forum on Transportation • The Faces and Voices of Our Social Media Team


2015 Newsletters

For Ginger Gherardi, Access Through WTS Proves Powerful • Message from the President With Mobility and Transit, the Answer Isn't Always Mass The Secret to Networking: To Thine Own Self be Shrewd • Eric Shen: Finding Your Career and Yourself • Redefining the Annual Report: WTS-LA's Showpiece Document

President's Letter • Spinning Your Wheels: Looking at Bicycling's Growing Popularity • For a Given, WTS-LA Proves to be an Investent with Unlimited Returns WTS Member Felicia Boyd's Sage Advice on Finding Your Career and Yourself • From New Graduate to Board Secretary, WTS-LA Enriched the Life of Lucy Terrell-Lewis • With Doctorate in Hand, Jieliln Pan Looks to Become a Real Road Scholar • Bards to Port: Two Writers Give Long Beach's Port Its Due • Chair Helps Students Table College Costs • Talk is Not Cheap -- It's Actually Costing Us a Lot • WTS-LA Provides a Girl's Guide to Transportation Futures • FTA's Flowers Shines Hope on Funding for Los Angeles County Transit Growth • Port Executives Look to Future, Anticipate Seas of Change • Experts Look Into California Rail Future, See Challenges That Might Derail Progress


President's Letter: Celebrating 30 Years of Service • Assessing Infrastructure Sustainability: The Envision System • House Rule: Being President Was Just the Beginning Cynthia Guidry's Plans Keep Millions on the Move • Allison Kim: Life-Work, Not Work-Life • Amanda Smith Heinke: A Woman on the Move • Our "Lunch on the Edge" Technical Series Needs You in 2015 • Metro's Martha Welborne to WTS Los Angeles: "We Are a Serious Transit City" • Hilda Solis, a Woman of Firsts, Addresses WTS Los Angeles • Professional Development Roundtable Draws Frank Answers from Women Execs • Transportation Resume Book Engineers Exclusive Connections at Employer-Student Event • Help Us Shine a Light on Past Stars • WTS Los Angeles Board Retreats to Plan Strategic Advances

2014 Newsletters


December 2014 Issue

President's Letter: An Evening to RememberCommittee Report: Annual Scholarship and Awards Evening Brings Out the Stars and Raises $25,000



May 5 2014 Issue

There’s More to LAWA than Meets the Sky Weird? Wonderful? Rainy? Mind-Blowing. WTS International Conference in Portland WTS-LA Lauds the Chronicles of Nuria Diversity Chair Stands to Raise Awareness, Enhance Diversity Chapter and Purse: Our Corporate Sponsorship Committee How the Westside Will Be Won We Welcome an Executive Fleet: Metro’s Next Generation Martha Welborne: Keeping Mobility on Plan in Los Angeles County Stephen Polechronis: Moving the West for AECOM


April 7 2014 Issue

President's Letter: Your Seat at the Table • Carrie Bowen: Directing in Hollywood in Not for the Faint of Heart We Get Technical About Tours de Portland • Lia Reyes on Parking: It's the First and Last Impression • Professional Development: Transportation Mobility and the Future • Mentorship: Advancement Comes to Those Who Wait ... Believes No One • Katherine Padilla is Not Afraid to Get Technical • Kate Amissah: Training for Rail Advancement Marc Canas: Crude Drives Refined Rail Planning and Construction



March 2014 Issue

President's Letter: Fixing Ground Transportation - A Rail Active Approach • Madeline Brozen: Road's Scholar Shows New Way to Complete Streets • Amanda Smith Takes Membership Drive for the WinLucy Terrell: For Graduating Students, A Book Where The Titles Are Yet To Come • Jeff Markwardt: WTS-LA Has NO Volunteers - We Have Investors • Anil Verma: A Renaissance Man By Design


2013 Newsletters


Fall 2
013 Issue

nts Letter • Transportation Infrastructure: Making the Federal Case for Local Power • Metro ExpressLanes are HOT • The ARTI of the Deal: Illustrating Why Local Can Be Better • The Port of Los Angeles is Changing the Channel and Looking for Depth • Leadership and Diversity: Coming Apart at the Seems Member Profiles • WTS-LA Scholarships


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