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The world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and batteries, BYD embodies the pioneering spirit of its mission to deliver cleaner air and a better life through battery-electric vehicles, particularly buses.

Building Your Dream for Someone Else…

An industry leader in other high-tech zero-emission sectors including trucks, forklifts, and SkyRail (monorail), BYD believes its model proves that going green can be good for the economy, good for workers, and good for America. BYD North America believes strongly in WTS and its mission to advance women in transportation. BYD president Stella Li committed $5,000 to create the BYD (Build Your Dreams) WTS-LA Chapter Scholarship.

WTS-LA President Kathy Simons' October Letter

The middle of the road less traveled lately…

Accepting that a difference of opinion is not a declaration of war.

“My passions lie in making transit more efficient and accessible.".

2018 $10,000 Ava Doner Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship Winner: Joceline Suhaimi

"In addition to connecting people to transit, I’m passionate about connecting students to the transportation industry.” Though young in years, Ms. Suhaimi reflect well Ava Doner’s poise, tenacity, and pioneering spirit. For these reasons and many more, WTS-LA proudly awards her the 2018 $10,000 Ava Doner Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship.


2018 $7,500 Ava Doner Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship Winner: Emma Barker

“My passions for sustainability and design collided in college, where I discovered urban planning and public transportation…I see sustainable urban planning and adequate public transportation as crucial to the future of the world." WTS-LA proudly awards Emma with the 2018 $7,500 Ava Doner Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship.

Former WTS-LA board member, business owner, and pioneer, Ava Doner

All of WTS-LA owes a debt to this Doner…

To honor that dedication and the trail she blazed for other women, each year at the WTS-LA Annual Scholarship and Awards Dinner, WTS-LA recognizes two deserving young women with the Ava Doner Memorial Scholarship Award.

Few people ever get to define the industry they work in. Myra Frank was one of those select few.

Carrying on a Frank Tradition of Education, Altruism, and Excellence

To honor Myra L. Frank's work, her indelible contribution to the transportation industry, and her considerable efforts in advancing women in transportation, WTS-LA created two scholarships in her honor.

“We wanted to do something different, something that would be really helpful for all types of career levels, something that people could use both inside and outside of work."

A Course in Discourse: WTS-LA Members Learn the Art of the Spiel

Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” In many ways, Franklin defined the ideal structure for an effective professional development workshop. And on September 15th, WTS-LA Professional Development chair and civil engineer for the Port of Los Angeles Mahsa Pan, PE, realized that ideal by presenting an exceptionally effective professional development workshop for WTS-LA members.

Miriam Pinksi, recipient of the 2018 $7,500 Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship

2018 $7,500 Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship: Miriam Pinski

Having entered UCLA’s PhD program this fall, Miriam Pinski’s interest in transportation policy and planning were shaped by her experience of living in car-centric Los Angeles. To her, it was not exactly paradise. “I continually notice the barriers to mobility that certain groups face as they go about the city"

Hannah Rae King, recipient of the $10,000 Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Student Scholarship

2018 $10,000 Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship: Hannah Rae King

“My goal as a researcher is to provide work that is useful to transportation professionals and community organizers as they work to design and implement transportation systems that serve the needs of all community members."

“One of things I appreciate about my tenure at Metro is that I’ve been provided with the freedom to create and be creative. That’s made my job so much fun. And that’s my legacy here at Metro."

Yvette Rapose: Changing the Course of History One Community at a Time…

WTS-LA welcomes new WTS-LA Director at Large, Metro Deputy Executive Officer for Community Relations Yvette Rapose. "I’m really looking forward to getting involved in the mentorship program. There are a lot of young women that are trying to find their way and asking whether or not they belong. The answer is a resounding yes, and I want to help show them the way.”

Results: 127 Article(s) Found.
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