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Ma’ayan Dembo: Tomorrow’s Transportation Visionary Today

Ma’ayan Dembo, the WTS-LA $5,000 Fehr & Peers Leah Guerreiro-Ramos Memorial Graduate Scholarship recipient.​


Katheryn Kornegay: WTS-LA 2019 $10,000 Ava Doner Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

“My interest in alternative-energy-powered vehicles first emerged in middle school when I conducted an experiment on the battery life of a model kit solar car. I want to pursue a career that develops more cost-effective, alternative-powered transportation, by focusing on ways to improve the efficiency of the alternative energy used to power the vehicles."


Cassie Halls: WTS-LA 2019 $7,500 Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship Recipient

Collecting varied and deep transportation knowledge and experience, Cassie is very much following in the tradition of Myra L. Frank, including her desire to play an important role in transforming Southern California into a more economically vibrant and transit-oriented region.


Codi Weisz: WTS-LA 2019 $7,500 Ava Doner Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

Much like Ava Doner, Codi Weisz follows only one path in life; the one she creates…

ICF CEQA/NEPA transportation infrastructure strategist Kim Avila

Kim Avila believes strongly in going public…

"WTS-LA is an organization that everyone has to pay attention to. They bring in the best speakers, and their credibility is unparalleled. So, they attract the best people as well. But there’s also something about the vibe at a WTS-LA event that feels more personal."


A New President’s Letter

WTS-Los Angeles President's Letter from Lisa Karwoski, PE, of Mott MacDonald.

Stephanie Leslie, PE, Deputy Project Manager of the Metro Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project.

Metro’s Stephanie Leslie, PE, helps girls and women hear opportunity knocking…

“WTS-LA is extremely valuable. It’s very important for women to have a forum where they can come together and make sure that they’re not being ignored in the industry, that they have opportunity, and that all of this is passed on to future generations."

"The WTS-LA Mentorship Program is an amazing opportunity for young professionals to develop and refine their career goals."

Lynn Feng Wants to Ensure that Lessons Earned Are Lessons Learned

Profile on Lynn Feng, transportation planner with AECOM and WTS-LA's Mentorship Chair and previous recipient of the WTS-LA Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship.

“The scholarship program was one of the most valuable professional development milestones in my undergraduate career."

Metro’s Andrina Dominguez delivers on WTS-LA’s scholarship promise…

Metro senior environmental specialist Andrina Dominguez was the recipient of the 2013 won the $6,000 WTS-LA Ava Doner Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship. "[The WTS-LA scholarship program] is also so deliberate in making sure that young professionals are introduced and integrated into the chapter and the industry."

Results: 148 Article(s) Found.
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