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"The WTS-LA Mentorship Program is an amazing opportunity for young professionals to develop and refine their career goals."

Lynn Feng Wants to Ensure that Lessons Earned Are Lessons Learned

Profile on Lynn Feng, transportation planner with AECOM and WTS-LA's Mentorship Chair and previous recipient of the WTS-LA Myra L. Frank Memorial Graduate Scholarship.

“The scholarship program was one of the most valuable professional development milestones in my undergraduate career."

Metro’s Andrina Dominguez delivers on WTS-LA’s scholarship promise…

Metro senior environmental specialist Andrina Dominguez was the recipient of the 2013 won the $6,000 WTS-LA Ava Doner Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship. "[The WTS-LA scholarship program] is also so deliberate in making sure that young professionals are introduced and integrated into the chapter and the industry."

"I became aware of the WTS-LA scholarship, and getting my master’s became a possibility for me."

Linda Apodaca: One WTS-LA Scholarship. Four Beneficiaries.

Having been on the receiving end of a kindness from WTS-LA in the form of the Board of Directors Scholarship, Linda Apodaca pays forward that kindness through her work at Foothill Transit as Manager of Community Engagement and her volunteering and promotion of the WTS Transportation YOU program.

Ms. Guidry’s advice for those thinking about joining Transportation YOU or any other WTS-LA program? Find the time. In fact, she suggests that chapter members should, “just jump right in.”

LAWA's Cynthia Guidry: Building the Future and Sparking Enthusiasm

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Planning and Development Group Deputy Executive Director and WTS-LA Director at Large, Cynthia Guidry manages some of LAWA's largest capital projects, yet takes time to inspire the next generation.

"Through my work, my mentoring at ACE and Caltrans, and through WTS-LA, I look to learn from the role models I have and serve as a role model for young minority women rising through the ranks."

Christi Fu: Making a Name in Construction Claims

WTS-LA Treasurer, Christi Fu, PE, CCM, LEED AP, ENV SP, is an Associate Vice President with Arcadis and operations manager for the Contract Solutions Practice in the Western United States. She has performed construction claims analysis for a variety of projects, from highways, bridges, light rail, airports, and ports, to wastewater treatment centers, court houses, college campuses, etc., that range from $30-million projects to $1.2-billion programs.

March Letter from WTS-LA President Lisa Karwoski, PE

March Brings Us Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day: – AND an Opportunity for You to Make a Difference as We Celebrate! …

"As we’ve learned personally and from the stories of so many others, it only takes one person to light the spark of interest in WTS-LA and our mission. Be that spark. Bring someone to a chapter event as your guest. Introduce them to other WTS-LA members and other WTS-LA programs and events. Help them know they have real support and opportunity in the greater transportation industry."

"In my opinion my career is my second home. So I will do whatever it takes to make this home my dream home. And that all starts with networking and communication. By doing that I always make sure that I leave a footmark anywhere I go.”

Tina Dalili: Improving through Mentorship and Experience

Tina Dalili, PE, discusses her new role at Caltrans, how her career has developed, and the value of her involvement with the WTS-LA Mentor-Protege program.

February Letter from WTS-LA President Lisa Karwoski, PE
Mark Thomas Project Engineer Rachel Usedom, PE

Rachel Usedom, PE: Engineering Opportunity for Advancement

“From planners to engineers, [WTS] is a great way to get exposure to every part of the transportation industry, as well as different career paths taken by strong women. That interaction of modes and disciplines and women at all levels is really unique to WTS and WTS-LA."

Together, we can change the landscape to further WTS-LA’s mission and provide a level playing field for us all.

Transportation Change Management: The Future Is Here

January 2019 letter from 2019-2020 WTS-LA Chapter President, Lisa Karwoski, PE.

Results: 130 Article(s) Found.
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