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"We’ve really only just scratched the surface of what this technology is capable of. So we need to create traffic standards and protocols for their use," says Jillian Switzer.

Jillian Switzer Thinks Droning On is an Exciting Prospect

New frontiers are not exactly easy to find. But drones and their potential fit the bill perfectly. And in that regard, AirMap’s Head of Marketing, Jillian Switzer, believes that we are at the beginning of something big.

“WTS is dedicated to leveling the playing field for women in transportation, once a male-dominated field. It is an essential organization that has made a very real difference in the transportation industry," says Kathy McClure.

Precedent Setting Perfect for LKG-CMC's McClure

On January 1, LKG-CMC President Kathy McClure took the helm of WTS-Los Angeles (WTS-LA), one of the largest chapters of an international organization founded to advance women in transportation. Only the second small business owner to serve as WTS-LA president in its 30-year history, she notes that “WTS is an organization dedicated to leveling the playing field for women in transportation, once a male-dominated field. It is an essential organization."

“WTS is an incredibly supportive organization. And when they say that they support each other, it’s not rhetoric. They mean it," says Metro Deputy CEO Stephanie Wiggins.

Metro Deputy CEO Stephanie Wiggins: Minister of Culture

Her job description must be pages long. But though she’s tasked with managing multiple key departments, Metro Deputy CEO Stephanie Wiggins adds another vital, global responsibility to her already considerable mandate. "Phil Washington has fostered a learning culture at Metro, a culture of innovation and workforce development. While that affects every Metro department, I feel that within the departments I oversee I want that positive culture to become institutionalized."

It is with great passion and pride that we present WTS-LA’s recently released 2015 Annual Report.

If it’s good enough for Warren Buffett . . .

Annual reports matter. In fact, when asked how he became so successful in investing, Warren Buffett said, “We read hundreds and hundreds of annual reports every year.” A comprehensive profile, an annual report provides essential information on organizational accomplishments. But it also points towards future success. So, it is with great passion and pride that we present WTS-LA’s recently released 2015 Annual Report.

“Supervisor Barger was very inspiring in both her commitment to serving the county and her constituents, and in her support of transportation,” comments Berg & Associates client relations manager Jenelle Saunders.

LA County Supervisor Barger Enlightens the Transportation Road Ahead

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day. And on January 27, WTS-LA proved this when District 5 Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger spoke eloquently about transportation in her district and the county, as well as compelling ways to increase opportunities for women in transportation.

In a WTS chapter, no one has to be there for a paycheck, so proper motivation, encouragement, and appreciation are all essential to leadership, says Cindy Sugimoto.

President Setting: For Cynthia Sugimoto, A School like No Other

Lea+Elliott Associate Principal Cindy Sugimoto honed her leadership skills when she served as WTS-LA president in 2009 and 2010. Today Ms. Sugimoto combines the leadership skills she learned as WTS-LA president with her experience as a Retired Captain in the U.S. Navy to inform her role with Lea+Elliott, a transportation firm offering broad consulting services primarily on automated transit systems.

Enhancing a program created last year, POLA's Mahsa Pan looks to use feedback from participants to make the 2017 WTS-LA Mid-Career Leadership Program address specific needs of those looking to advance.

As Mentorship Chair, Mahsa Pan Is Making Mid-Career Professionals Sit Up and Take Notice

Few career paths are simple. Life intervenes. World events intrude. And sometimes you just can’t figure out how to make a change or what to do next. 2017 Mentorship chair and civil engineer (construction manager) at the Port of Los Angeles Mahsa Pan, PE, wants to help those stuck in the middle of their career path.

2016 WTS-LA Adopt-A-School Chair and Claremont Graduate University Professor Dr. Amy Shimshon-Santo teamed with ITEP to bring valuable advice to high school interns.

Dr. Shimshon-Santo Is Giving Students a Leg Up on the Career Ladder

It’s an old conundrum. You can’t get the job without experience and you can’t gain experience without having the job. Imagine facing that challenge in today’s highly sophisticated world if you’re a high school student from an underserved area. It seems impossible. But 2016 WTS-LA Adopt-A-School Chair and Claremont Graduate University Professor Dr. Amy Shimshon-Santo has found a way to do the impossible.

Jillian Switzer of AirMap, the leading provider of low-altitude airspace management for drones, briefs us on this emerging market.

Working Remotely: What to Know About Using Drones for Your Business

There’s never been a better time to become a pilot. A remote pilot, that is. According to the FAA, unmanned aircraft, or drones, could create 100,000 U.S. jobs in the next 10 years and generate over $82 billion for the U.S. economy. Almost 3 million drones were purchased in 2016 alone, and the FAA estimates that this number will reach 7 million annually by 2020. In this article, Jillian Switzer of AirMap updates us on the new regulations developed for this sector.

Our 2016 Scholarship and Awards Dinner was the most successful fundraiser in chapter history!

2016 WTS-LA Scholarship and Awards Dinner Helps Feed the Next Generation’s Dreams

Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. Dinner is. And WTS-LA proved this on November 16 when it hosted its 2016 Scholarship and Awards Dinner. A gala, the dinner feted transportation luminaries with honors and deserving young students with scholarships. And it was the most successful fundraisers in the history of the chapter.

Results: 105 Article(s) Found.
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