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The 2017 WTS-LA Annual Scholarship and Awards Dinner proved to be an exceptional gala.

The 2017 WTS-LA Scholarship and Awards Dinner: A Fete with a Kick

This dinner was no ordinary meal. Trying to outdo last year’s scholarship and awards dinner, the Annual Scholarship and Awards Dinner Committee had their work cut out for them. Not only did they have to plan and execute a complex program and dinner, they had to do it on the heels of last year’s extraordinary celebration. But they delivered. And the 2017 WTS-LA Annual Scholarship and Awards Dinner proved to be an exceptional gala.

When one voice is raised and another joins it, power becomes action. WTS-LA is that action in transportation. It has changed the transportation industry forever and for better.

Silence Is Beholden

Pakistani female-education activist Malala Yousafzai said, “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” She would know. When she spoke up for her right to an education she paid an extremely dear price. She was shot in an attempt to quell her activism, to silence her. Of course, it didn’t work.

Dramatically improving what was essentially fallow land, the project will also create more than 7,000 new jobs and provide dedicated community space and connective bike paths.

WTS-LA Innovation Transportation Solutions Award: LAX Northside Plan

The WTS-LA Innovative Transportation Solutions Award is unique. It celebrates a great idea, a great idea that's been put into action. More specifically, that idea must be an "outstanding and innovative transportation project that improves transportations, adds community value, and makes the difference in the lives of its users." This year, WTS-LA recognized the LAX Northside Plan.

LAWA serves as a consummate role model for diversity and inclusion.

WTS-LA Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award: Los Angeles World Airports

The 2017 Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award recognizes extraordinary efforts or initiatives that create opportunities for women and minorities. These efforts must also promote diversity and cultural awareness within an organization, the transportation industry, or a project or activity that supports the goals and mission of WTS. It's a tall order for anyone, let alone an organization. This year, WTS-LA honored an organization that accomplished exactly that-Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA).

The WTS-LA Directors’ Scholarship is different. In a way, it’s almost more personal than many other scholarships. And that is one reason why Evelyn Park is particularly deserving of the 2017 WTS-LA Directors’ Scholarship.

WTS-LA Directors’ Scholarship: Realizing Your Dream…And Paying for It

The WTS-LA Directors’ Scholarship is different than most scholarships, as the WTS-LA board personally underwrites it every year. But this year, the board faced a conundrum. They found two truly deserving candidates. So, they did something unusual. They contributed enough funding to award two young women the 2017 WTS-LA Directors’ $3,000 Scholarship. And Evelyn Park is one of those winners.

The WTS-LA Directors’ Scholarship is unlike any other scholarship. And by virtually every measure, Ashlien Savage is unlike any other scholarship winner.

WTS-LA Directors’ Scholarship: Why Scholarships Matter

The WTS-LA Directors’ Scholarship is unlike most other scholarships. The WTS-LA board personally underwrites this scholarship each and every year. But this year, the board faced a dilemma. Two candidates stood out starkly above all others. Without hesitation, the board acted. They contributed twice the funding so that both deserving candidates could win the award. And the first winner of the 2017 WTS-LA Directors’ $3,000 Scholarship is Ashlien Savage.

Phil Washington is redefining how a transportation authority should be run. His accomplishments are legendary. And by every indication, he is only expanding on his oeuvre.

WTS-LA Awards Metro CEO Phil Washington the LaHood Ornament

His accomplishments are legendary. And by every indication, he is only expanding on his oeuvre. From championing the November 2016 passage of Measure M to creating Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation to ensuring that Metro continues to advance and support women and minorities, Phil Washington is redefining how a transportation authority should be run.

A junior at Pomona College, Jang is studying public policy analysis, and looks to pursue joint graduate degrees in urban planning and law.

SCAG/Arup Are Using a P3 to Help an Undergrad

Public-private partnerships (P3s) are all the rage. They are fast becoming the innovative delivery methodology of choice in a wide range of disciplines. But this year WTS-LA is helping two entities put together an unusual P3 in education. The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and Arup have joined forces to create the 2017 SCAG/Arup $5,000 Scholarship that will be awarded at the 2017 WTS-LA Scholarship and Awards Dinner.

Today, she is not only pursuing her master’s degree in public policy at USC, but she’s also an autonomous vehicle policy intern at Stantec Consulting and the GoMentum Station.

2017 AECOM/Richard G. Newman Graduate $2,500 Scholarship Recipient: Radin Rahimzadeh

“The diversity of perspective I bring as an Iranian-American woman, is elevated by the diversity of my lived experiences working in male dominated spaces––navigating these spaces highlight the necessity of forging platforms and opportunities for unrepresented individuals to gain voice and visibility. The unique insights that have been fostered by my culture, sex, and experiences, allow me to approach complex problems with flexibility and determination to build inclusive spaces.”

A staunch believer in and practitioner of equal opportunity for all, Newman is renowned for establishing and enforcing the belief in hiring the right person for the right job, no matter who she or he was or what the job was.

Richard G. Newman: A Values Engineer

Newman and AECOM are also staunch supporters of WTS and WTS-LA. A trailblazer sponsor at the international level, AECOM has also supported WTS-LA locally without fail. So, it was no surprise to anyone when AECOM created and endowed the WTS-LA Richard G. Newman AECOM Scholarship to honor his contributions to WTS, WTS-LA, the industry, and his fight for equality within it.

Results: 138 Article(s) Found.
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