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"The WTS-LA Mentorship Program provides exceptional benefits for both mentors and protégés. The learning and exposure definitely goes both ways."

Mahsa Pan Uses Her Mentorship Chair Position to Help Everyone Sit at the Table

Port of Los Angeles (POLA) civil engineer and WTS-LA Mentorship chair Mahsa Hematabadi Pan, PE, has an extensive lineup of events planned for the WTS-LA Mentorship Program this year.

"You can learn quite a lot about the ‘who’s who’ and what the organization has to offer from the annual report."

Andrea Conant: Walking the Talk for WTS-LA

WTS-LA Communications Committee member and Consensus vice president Andrea Conant specializes in community relations and communications strategy. Ms. Conant developed the WTS-LA 2016 Annual Report.

Ms. Antich launched her transportation career nearly 20 years ago, and today she’s the third-party manager for LAWA’s Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP).

Pattie Antich: A Perfect Landing at LAX

Aviation industry pioneer Robert Six said, “I’ve never known an industry that can get into people’s blood the way aviation does.” Antich Consulting founder Pattie Antich knows exactly what he means.

I do want to acknowledge all of those that made 2017 a wonderful year in WTS-LA. It has been a complete joy to work with you to help improve the chapter and make a very real difference in the lives of our members.

Getting Good Marx on Value

One size does not fit all. Everyone is different. And what motivates one person can completely discourage another.

I do want to acknowledge all of those that made 2017 a wonderful year in WTS-LA. It has been a complete joy to work with you to help improve the chapter and make a very real difference in the lives of our members.

2017: This Was the Year that Was

A wise woman once said, “It’s okay to look back at the past, just don’t stare.” I think there is great wisdom in that. So, with apologies to those who loathe year-end reviews, it’s time to look back at this past year and acknowledge our accomplishments, honor our efforts, and explore what we can do better in the future.

It was also no accident that WTS-LA chose Ms. Coates to represent the chapter with TBAC. she knows firsthand what small businesses need to know to work with large agencies. And she’s happy to share that information.

For Metro, WTS-LA, and Southern California Businesses, Small Is the New Big

When Metro talks, people listen. Now, Metro has created a way to make sure that when people in small businesses talk, Metro can listen. And WTS-LA members can be heard as well through the chapter’s TBAC representative Robyn Coates.

Programs are the public face of WTS-LA. Fortunately, the Programs Committee puts together dynamic programs like these that entice guests to join the chapter and expand WTS-LA’s mission.

WTS-LA Programs Deliver a Most Important Audience

In the past six months, the Programs Committee and its co-chairs—Kaoru McCullough, Jenelle Saunders, and Heather Anderson—outdid themselves by delivering compelling, informative, and invaluable events that have enticed people to join the chapter. Here is what they put together.

Mark Pestrella succeeds at one of the most difficult public service jobs in the world by being a fair, equitable, and inclusive leader.

LA County Public Works Mark Pestrella: A Mission of Hope and Story

Mark Pestrella believes everyone has their own unique story. His begins largely at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. But it certainly doesn’t stop there.

“I’m still on maternity leave; I had my baby three months ago, and I was gone from WTS-LA for about a month. When I came back, I discovered that everyone had kept everything moving forward without a hitch."

Puja Thomas-Patel: A Force Built by Committee

Abraham Lincoln said, “Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.” Though Puja Thomas-Patel and her committee went to great lengths to recognize both transportation professionals and students, they earned their own form of recognition by doing a superlative job throughout the year and delivering an exceptional evening awards dinner program.

As a project manager with MBI Media—a woman-owned community outreach and media firm—Ms. Lao uses her technical knowledge and communication skills to inform communities and provide essential feedback to project teams.

Jennifer Lao: Advancing WTS-LA in Social Media

Social media is powerful. Social media is not as simple as many people believe. No one knows this better than WTS-LA Social Media co-chair and MBI Media project manager Jennifer Lao.

Results: 54 Article(s) Found.
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