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Christi Fu: Giving Back the Greatest Gift of All


Arcadis Associate Vice President, 2019 $5,000 ARUP/CM Solutions Scholarship winner, and WTS-LA Treasurer Christi Fu has had a notable path.  She grew up in Taiwan and moved to a small town in the Colorado Rockies when she was 10 years old, where she learned English and worked at her parents’ Chinese restaurant after school.  They were surrounded by amazing people who devoted their time and energy to help them learn the language and culture. They later moved to California, opened another restaurant, and saw kindness again when family friends and even customers helped them get through difficult times. These experiences have led her to believe in giving back to the community that has given so much to her.

Christi Fu’s altruism is matched only by her professional and academic drive. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, she now looks to obtain her MBA from UCLA in June 2020. Of course, both her professional and academic résumés illustrate that her accomplishments go well beyond numbers. A professional licensed engineer in three states and deputy operations manager responsible for construction claims, she also volunteers for numerous professional associations, including WTS-LA, American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) Mentoring program. And that is only a very short list of her current activities. But this is no surprise to anyone who knows her.  

“Christi’s academic performance has been excellent, with top grades in her classes throughout the EMBA curriculum,” explains UCLA Professor Suzanne B. Shu. “While Christi is clearly an outstanding student, she is also someone who takes the time to contribute to the experience of the people around her. In a competitive MBA environment, many students can be so focused on their grades that they forget to reach out to the people around them…She is a rare find due to her insights, compassion, leadership, and experiences.”

UCLA Professor, John Ullmen, Ph.D, agrees. “I’m aware of how well she manages a complex set of contracts with a variety of transportation agencies, and it’s no surprise to me that she is called on to provide expert testimony on transportation projects regarding entitlements and damages. She has tremendous talent and potential, fueled with a motivation to keep growing and contributing.”  

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Photo by John Livzey.  



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